New Atari hardware to be announced Feb 1st.

Well then.

I'm guessing it will be a multi-game device, similar to Flashbacks. Maybe they've made that work in watch form now somehow?
Atari getting in on this NES Classic doing what they've been doing for over a decade.

Edit: the amount of people guessing at them doing a system with built-in games - They've been doing this since 2004-2005 with their Atari Flashback series, so in reality, this isn't all that shocking, just that they seem to want to make some noise after the NES Classic was on everyone's minds recently.


don't ask me for codes
I believe Bill Loguidice over at the AtariAge forums suggested ATGames would be doing a proper hardware revision of the Atari Flashback with HDMI support. Not sure if related.
What if they made some sort of handled system with Atari games, but you can put it on some sort of platform, with a TV-Out so you can play these games on the TV ? It would be revolutionnary.
There's been an "Atari mini" type device available for a long, long time now. Far before the NES Classic was even announced.
It will still be a quick cash-in piggybacking on Nes classic success. And it will be called Atari Micro/Heritage/Legend or some crap.