New Gorillaz Album titled "Humanz" releases April 28th

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I'm a huge fan of Gorillaz so I'm totally in for this <3! I just hope their new songs doesn't have special guests all over where we barely hear 2D singing. I truly dislike that.

Hopefully they have a decent amount of songs with 2d singing. So far many of the songs featuring artists have like almost no singing from his end.
If nobody can think of something better it has to be Gorillaz: Humanz |OT| After All
...please someone think of something better.

In other news, damn am I hyped. It's been too long since we had some new Gorillaz.
That's actually not bad lol. But yeah I'm open to suggestions til it goes live.
The new designs/artwork they posted of the bands on Instagram are fucking awesome. Looks like a bit of a return to the more pop culture conscious side of Gorillaz that was a thing with Demon Days before Plastic Beach moved more towards the conceptual. I wonder how that reflects on the music.
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