New Japanese Boxarts

Flek said:
wtf .. a nana game o___0 What are you suposed to do in this one? Go rent flat NR707 or buy strawbery glases or wait i got ... sing :lol
If you get to sing while the Ouendan does their thing with Glamorous Sky, I'll import it.
ivysaur12 said:
What is it?
It's a long-running noir detective series set in Tokyo. It's Hotel Dusk before Hotel Dusk was even a glimmer in CING's eyes - only with more Sam Spade. Plus, it's always got Katsuya Terada on character designs. :D~~~~~~~
jiji said:

Awesome, the series is coming to DS? Somebody needs to bring that out in the states! Atlus, I'm looking at Y-O-U!
Tecmo's pretty daring with their own releases... given the success of DS adventure games like Hotel Dusk or Phoenix Wright over here, I could definitely see them taking a chance on this.