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New Ni no Kuni PS3 screens



Thank you for this, my hope in Europe release is still up, I don't mind waiting just give me my Europe version please (with original voices!)


Looks amazing! Really hope this turns out good, I'm actualy somewhat worried about the gameplay considering it's Level-5 but we'll see...
Looks fabulous, the character models are much nicer than the flat environments though, but the overall art style is amazing

Now starts the waiting for a western release
Finally some new pics!
Anyway, can some j-gaffers let us know the differences in terms of plot between this and the DS version? For what can be understand from those screens obviously.
Holy shiznit, I must have this game. I mean, just on a purely visual level I have to own it. Please don't make me wait long Level-5.


looks fantastic, been waiting longtime for any news on this.. Hope it gets an EU/US release (or the J-version has english subs)


I used to think this game has been out for like months but just didn't get localized, now I have some hope.

Level 5 America office, plus I think it was pretty high in their facebook poll, means I think it probably has a good chance.
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