New Red Dead Map Leaked?

So I have just come across this picture off screen from a source I shall not mention that might be the map for the new Red Dead game.

Can anyone compare this with the maps from the old games and see if it's new?

Edit - Been asked to take it down sorry folks.
Can't see shit.

Edit: There it is. That's the ugliest map i have ever seen.
It's very different from the RDR map though. So... I might be from the new game. Yes.
So is this meant to be a MP map? I never really played RDR online just the single player. The other option is a leaked map from the new one yet to be announced but that wouldn't be right cause OP would have to get verified or?!
So you're not mentioning your source because...?

No reason whatsoever to believe this wothout that. You're not with any sort of media outlet, so you're credibility is 0, OP.


Parmesan et Romano
Imagining traversing through all that water on ship in a western setting seems pretty cool actually. So if something like that isn't in the legitimate sequel I'll be sad af.
Eh, seems legit if it's from a legit source.
Bottom left corner is the upper right corner of RDR map (Great Plains / Tall Trees).
If it is indeed legit (and that's a HUGE if) it would make a pretty good size map. Looks to be about three times the size of the original which was nothing to sneeze at itself back then. God this just reminds me how excited I am for another one and how I'll likely be waiting another several years before it arrives