New THQ Nordic Open-World ARPG "Biomutant" Accidentally Revealed Early [PS4/X1/PC]

May 19, 2013
Not sure if I'm allowed to link directly to scans/photos from magazines, but in the recent German GamesMarkt magazine there is an ad for a THQ Nordic-developed Open-World Action-RPG called Biomutant, coming Early 2018 for PS4/X1/PC. Check this guy's twitter:

The protagonist is a racoon(?) with a sword who judging from the tagline knows kung fu!

Tagline says: "The post-apocalyptic kung fu fable"

Update on developer:
Experiment 101, their logo is up there before the THQ one
May 13, 2017
Well, you can't deny that's an... unusual premise.

Who's developing it? i'm getting Gothic/Risen vibes from the screens, but I know Piranha Bytes is busy with ELEX.