New Xbox Team Forms to Push Kinect

New job posting:

A couple of excerpts:

A new team has formed in Microsoft’s Xbox division with a specific purpose: to push the envelope of today’s and tomorrow’s technology as we explore new ideas from the ground floor. It begins with veterans from Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, and Kinect. But we’re growing as quickly as our imaginations can be translated into code.
If you want a comfortable, standard-role job at Microsoft with no ambiguity or risk, please don’t apply. But if you’re passionate about the potential for Kinect to continue to revolutionize entertainment and are a seasoned software engineer with the skills to prototype and build the future of premium Kinect-powered experiences, we have a growing team of talented people who want to take entertainment into the future.
Much more in the job posting.

So Kinect gets a new team and Avatars get more dev resources. I wonder how much this has to do with AR and/or VR, as well as all those teams formed last year like LXP.
Im not completely unsatisfied with kinect but its def not something that feels like a great addition to the console thats a MUST HAVE, so.....this is i guess good news for me
With Kinect not being mandatory. I think this is a futile venture. I understand Kinect needs to have compelling software in order for people to go out and get it, but I don't see this having an impact.


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I thought it was basically confirmed they gave up on it?

I wonder how large this "team" is...
This is really the last thing that MS needs to be doing, focus resources into more exclusives that aren't just shit kinect games.
Cool, I'm happy if they are forming a separate team to work on this stuff. Doesn't detract from their other development resources and has the potential to get some new Kinect stuff.
Why wouldn't MS support something they are selling? Sure Kinect went into the background (rightfully so), but a lot of people own the hardware and I assume they would still like to use it.
I believe that one day the Xbox will be a Kinect device on top of your TV, with games streamed from the cloud. Probably pretty far off, but I won't be surprised if we ever learn they're tinkering with that idea.
If this team is developing games, I hope we see many more unique, bit-sized, indie-style kinect games vs the big budget ones they were pushing before. This is the right way to make Kinect games.
Yeah, this is a pointless venture. I guess they have to do something because of all the R&D and how much they banked on it initially, but this isn't gonna go anywhere.


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On the one hand, if there is something amazing to be done with Kinect that hasn't been done yet, then I'm all for MS trying to find it.

On the other hand, it's been 4 years and nobody has found it yet. I'm not sure there is something amazing (and game related) to do with Kinect.
maybe it'll be in ways to interact with Fortaleza cause no one cares (read: not literally zero people, folks. Just the vast majority) about Kinect by itself anymore
Before I sold My Xbox One I quite liked the way Kinect worked as part of the OS. Xbox on etc ..... Ive never really used it on a game with current gen or last gen because for me, gaming is meant to be sat on my arse with a beer not jumping around like a loon.

The tech is good but it seems devs cant be arsed with it or M$ gives too many hoops to jump through before allowing devs to use it.
They probably spent so much on R and D that it really isn't worth just giving up on it and writing it off. All they need to do is make 1 or 2 compelling game concepts that actually work properly and they'll be away again. But that's a big ask at the moment. They've had 4 years and haven't succeeded yet apart from dance central. D4 was much better with it in the action sections.

It ll probably be integral to their VR offerings.


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Biggest current area for the Kinect; Medical technology. There are a lot of medical companies and medical schools attempting to adapt the Kinect for practice with surgery as well as other uses. Pretty sure this team is being built for "we have this amazing piece of tech; let's see what uses we can get out of it".


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Someone very high up in MS is heavily invested in Kinect. It's the only thing that makes sense.
I thought it was basically confirmed they gave up on it?
I don't think there is any confirmation of that... that's mostly wishful thinking from people here who hate it, but factually all we know is that they removed it from the default SKU, probably to be more competitive on price.
Many people own one, and while I'm not one myself, I'd imagine they would like to use them at some point this generation. They did pay for them after all. Having stuff made for it doesn't need to mean they focus Xbox on it, just that the device actually has something to be used with.
New horse team forms to push horse-drawn carriage.

Just sell Kinect to Apple or someone interested in pure set top boxes/smart TVs, please. It's got vanishingly little functional overlap with gaming.
i hope its games. still no kinect rail shooter on the xbox one yet. like how does that happen. and the following 360 games all had really cool ideas that might see improvement:

rise of nightmares
kinect joy ride
the gunstringer
fable the journey

at least fruit ninja 2 is coming out.


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They just won't let that bad idea go. *sigh*
lol they just won't quit with this thing.
You all have to realize that the generation growing up right now is the touch generation & at some point consoles are going to have to cater to them. Kinect / cameras & sensors will enable touch like interface on consoles MS would be fools to just stop working on Kinect right now.

Also VR & MR is going to be big in the next few years you're going to need a natural way to interact with it.
Honestly I don't give a fuck as long as it's not Rare anymore. Their stable of IP is the only thing Microsoft has left that interests me.