Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii finally released (fan-made mod)

For those of you who don't know, the original release date for this fan-made modification was supposed to release on November 16, 2011.

After a long time period, it's finally ready. Here is the official site. The team does not condone piracy, and a retail disc is needed to play this game.

Here is a list of features.

  • Over 130 all new levels
  • The return of a classic Mario powerup
  • Completely new world map system, redesigned from the ground up
  • 8 major worlds and several minor ones, spanning 18 themed areas
  • 34 new bonus houses, including two never seen before mini-games
  • 21 new titlescreens that show depending on your game progress
  • Over 150 new tilesets to enhance the visual appeal of the game
  • 40 fresh and new backgrounds to match the world themes
  • More than 35 original music tracks to create a memorable Newer score
  • And another 20 arranged favourites to bring that Mario zip
  • Remixed versions of every song for the 'hurry up' music
  • Completely redone User Interface and layouts for every part of the game
  • More than 50 completely new sprites, including 15 all new enemies
  • Eight new bosses, one for each major world
  • Over 200 new appearances for classic enemies, for that updated feel
  • And a couple secrets you’ll have to find out by playing!


I figured that this would be a nice way to hold some of you over during the shortening wait until E3. With New Super Luigi U releasing this month, I think it'll be a really good time for Mario fans.

I think Nintendo's official work is of higher quality, but this is certainly very ambitious and very impressive. They also made their own soundtrack for the game, so some of you might feel that it is actually fresher than Nintendo's recent endeavors.
They had some nice music waaaaaaaaaay back in their first trailers that were custom remixes. They need to put the soundtrack up somewhere. Im not terribly interested in playing the game though, they sort of took to long.
Why wouldn't it work on Dolphin?
no idea, but I assume dude who said so made it

maybe he's saying that to get around some legal loophole or something, idk

DarkAura19 30 minutes ago
Oh, by the way, is this at all compatible with Dolphin? It's fine if it's not, but it would be nice to have regardless.
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NSMBWHacks 29 minutes ago
It isn't.
Speaking of New Super Mario, I'm getting pretty bored with the Flagpole as the end level trigger. It's the most frequently recurring end level trigger in the franchise's history (seven games). It gets boring; I want to see a new thing, like how SMB3 had the card, SMW had goalposts, SM64 had stars, etc.
Subbed to read impressions. Looks cool, but I won't bother unless the level design is up to snuff. Looked really bland in the trailer.
If you'd like, you can watch a Let's Play of the game. It's a little silly, but I can't play it right now as I've promised my siblings over year ago that I'd play it with them once it's released. Obviously, I don't recommend watching too much, but you can get a feel for the presentation.

I guess this is as good a thread as any to ask, but have there been any hacks to get rid of one of the playable Toads and replace it with a different character?
I'm not entirely sure if there are any existing, downloadable hacks to accomplish what you want adequately, but I do know that model swaps are possible.

How were the Newer Specials they released? Anyone try them? I think I'll tackle this later today. Riivolution require you to break out the disc.
I've played both of them, but that was months ago. I can't remember much, but I do remember that they were a neat diversion. I'm not really good at judging level design quality, however. I expect Newer to be much more polished. Those specials were mainly to appease people who grew impatient over the wait.
Too bad Riivolution does not work on Wii U at the moment, would preferably play this mod on the Wii U for the upscaling it does.

Guess I gotta use the old Wii. Lol :)

Dash Kappei

Not actually that important
Neat! Too bad all my Wii discs are at my parents' and I only have games ripped for USB loaders with me here.
Kudos to the creators for sticking with the project till completion

Is it weird that this looks more interesting to me then NSMB WiiU?
Yeah, you're crazy, Wii U has the best level design since SMB3, fact.

Go watch some super plays, I wish I had a Wii U to play it right now... Hopefully Nintendo delivers at E3 and gives me a reason to buy the console next week instead of this fall.