NieR: Automata – You’re going to buy it, right?

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I will if it's actually good.

I dont get praising a director that's never made a well liked/reviewed game in his career, but to each his own.


Absolutely day 1. Have my Black Box pre-ordered.

I got NieR on whim back in 2012 after watching this trailer for it, not knowing really anything about it, and it sold me. I'm still amazed a sequel is happening. Now I just have to wait patiently a few more weeks.

It's gonna be hard to choose what to focus on when this and Zelda come out at the same time :(


I really want to get it. I highly enjoyed the demo. But the day it comes out is a terrible time due to "Adult" stuff.
Nothing that bad, just a work heavy week involving an unrelated corporate convention I have to help out with.

I'll most likely pick up Nier (and Nioh at the same time) a couple weeks or so after release.


What a beautiful thread, BRSxIgnition. Great work! Can even use some of this stuff for the OT!

And yes, I'm day 1 for the PC version, whenever it releases.
Day 1.
I was only mildly curious about the game till the demo popped up.
Now I play the demo nearly every other day, can't wait to see how good the full thing will be.
Whats up with this shit for every small game these days? There should be threads like this for indie games that actually need help.


Eventually. Demo sold me on it but releasing so close to Zelda means I won't be picking it up at launch.

For weeks now I got a bunch of amazon ads with Nier Automata and Zelda next to each other, and everytime my brain reads it first as "Near Aonuma"

I have trouble thinking about it any other way now :lol:

Phil Fish

Yes. After had experiencing the first Drakengard 100%, anything Yoko Taro makes I will buy. Still need to play DK3 and Nier.
This time I will protect his smile.

Whats up with this shit for every small game these days? There should be threads like this for indie games that actually need help.

Yoko Taro has been one of the most interesting and inspired directors in the industry for the past 14 years, and yet the first Nier sold so poorly that the developer, Cavia, ended up going under.

This absolutely deserves a "pls buy" thread.


Whats up with this shit for every small game these days? There should be threads like this for indie games that actually need help.

Feel free to make one then?

I intend to buy it but these threads are really starting to come off like they are a part of marketing.

There'd be far more effective ways to market games like GR2 and Nier than making a thread on NeoGAF. At the end of the day, it's just fun to convince fellow GAF members to buy games you like.


Absolutely. Already sold on the game, don't care whether it gets positive or negative reviews/impressions.

Have the game preordered on discount for $33 CAD (including tax).
The "movie version" of Nier linked in the OP is really dodgy. It skips several of the text sections, including Kaine's character-defining short story, and totally fucks up the pacing of the NG+ narrative structure.

I would implore newbies who don't have the time/means to play the game, to instead read this LP masterfully crafted by The Dark Id. The LPer treats the game with immense respect, but he's also very quick to point out problems with good humor.

He's also done LPs for all three of the Drakengard games, which are just as informative and entertaining.
I def will have this game in my collection. Fantastic demo, I recommend anyone to go try it now.

Do you know what this game does correctly that every game needs to adopt? I literally mean every game....

Custom Button Mapping

You can completely change all the controls for this game and its just utterly fantastic. The default control scheme is okay but I moved Dodge to O and Lock on and Fire to L1 R1 and the game became perfect.

It really makes no sense how games don't allow you make the control scheme you desire, It doesn't take anything away from the game.


Even if I didn't like the demo much, I would still like to play this game at some point. Buuuuut my case is the exact one Taro is evidently worried about; all my money is going towards Switch and Zelda. Shoot, I'm still trying to find a way to pay for the Masters Edition my Uncle pre-ordered for me while I was busy. :X
You fucking bet your goddamn ass I'm buying it. Fuck.

I played the first Nier for the first time last year, after the announcement of the sequel. It's a game I always had a mild interest in but was never compelled to actually play until it turned out Platinum was going to make a sequel. I played through endings A and B myself, then watched C and D on Youtube, and, well, I didn't like it. As a video game, an overall package, I don't think it's any good. But I found the story fascinating, and I adored the writing and the characters. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the first Nier at all, but the idea of that game's creative talent teaming up with my favourite developer of video-game-ass video games, is utterly electric to me.

All the things that make Nier unique, but in a game that's actually enjoyable to play? I am all over it. Can't wait. The only thing that worries me at this point is that they'll cut half the story out and sell it as cross-media bullshit or DLC like they did with the first game and Drakengard 3, but given that we haven't heard any of those kinds of announcements yet, I'm quietly confident that it's going to be nicely self-contained.


Probably not. I wasn't all that impressed by the demo and there are so many good games coming out. Nioh seems much more up my alley in terms of action games (I love the soulsborne games).


I will if it's actually good.

I dont get praising a director that's never made a well liked/reviewed game in his career, but to each his own.

While the reviews have always been pretty negative, the original NieR definitely qualifies as well-liked, and has a considerable cult following. As an action game NieR had little going for it, but its storytelling, characterisation, and music were pretty incredible (as even the negative reviews attest to).

Now that Platinum is in on the gameplay side of things (and after that super-slick demo in December), this game is genuinely looking pretty good.
Yeah, that's shilling. It's fine if it makes you happy.

I just don't get it I guess. I'm buying Nier day one but I don't feel like telling anyone about it.
I don't understand what you're stuck on here.

Some people have a particular love or interest in the work of a certain developer, or in a particular franchise or even a particular genre. They tell other people about it because they want other people to get interested in it as well and help get the game more attention because they think there's something worth sharing. This happened recently with Yakuza, with many people making an effort to try to share why the franchise is so special. I put my money where my mouth was and even bought an extra copy for a friend to try because I value the series that much. Obviously you're not as interested in this game as other people. That's fine, but no need to bring down the efforts of people trying to get it some more attention.
great OT TC.
I'll pick up a standard copy. I wanted to pick up the black box, but I'm expecting two expensive statues to come in this month so entertainment budget will be tight.


Was gonna get it on both platforms but just bought a new graphics card so ill hold off till PC release. Nioh and Horizon should hold me over till then.
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