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Nikkei: Nintendo Switch to be 25,000 yen (Roughly $250) [Up: Maybe speculation]

How much will the cheapest Nintendo Switch SKU cost in U.S. dollars?

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Total assumption by Nikkei. Many are assuming this is the right ballpark and middle ground ($300 being too much for some).

Article was written as an opinion piece though a place like Nikkei...probably already knows the price for Japan with the types of insiders they have.

Finally, a website that did actual fact checking and read the full article before making assumptions.

This is way more accurate than the translation I posted before. Please read this:

Dualshockers: Nintendo Switch: No, Nikkei Didn’t Claim that the Price Will be 25,000 Yen


Thats a bit less than $250, but I gues they will use a pattern of 25.000 Yen/250 Dollars/250 Euros

Great pricepoint


I think this is a good price.

It would be good if a native speaker could have a look and confirm whether this is speculative or a leak though.


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That might be $199-$229 in the United States.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Quoting myself from another thread

I've seen that the article is a few days old (posted on January 6th), I wonder why didn't anyone post it earlier. We need a good translation to see if the article describes that price as a guess or as something not vague, and especially a look at the complete article ( this is just an extract).

*lights human translation signal*


So $250 will mean £250 I'm guessing, since electronics companies have never heard of exchange rates and the idea of different currencies having different values is bizarre.


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Price is right but I honestly expected lower/higher based on nintendo and how they need to catch up respectively.
Lots of leaks have been pointing to this but nice to get another confirmation. Acceptable price as long as base storage isn't stingy as fuck.


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That's the number I needed to see for a blind commitment. Fucking niiiiice.


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Oh shit...Day 1.

I guess the bundle w. Splatoon will be 30k Yen.
Thats a bit less than $250, but I gues they will use a pattern of 25.000 Yen/250 Dollars/250 Euros

Exactly. And 32GB of storage according to rumors. I'm still expecting a $300 "premium" version.

Also don't forget guys, Micro SD cards aren't very expensive. I'm going to order the Samsung 200 GB one on Amazon ($70), that should last a while.


Likely higher in Canadian dollars, but that's the price point I was hoping for. Like others have said, it's a good price for people who would have bought the handheld and the console for that Nintendo generation.


Good, $200 would be better.

Even without third-party support it'll sell as a 'Nintendo Box' at the price-point. New Nintendo games + their back catalogue (Ocarina of Time on the go) is an appealing prospect at $250.
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