Nintendo President Publishes Plans for 2016 in JP Newspaper

Thanks to @serkantoto for the translations

Dr. Serkan Toto said:
1) Nintendo president Kimishima just published his plans for 2016 in news paper Mainichi Shimbun ( Here's the gist:

2) Kimishima says Nintendo wants to surprise fans with new ideas - not build on old ones. Nintendo will in 2016 release “details” on the NX.

3) Kimishima claims the expansion to smartphones and theme parks, but also to movies and TV animes (via character licensing) is progressing.

4) He says it’s vital for Nintendo to experiment with new business models. He confirms the first smartphone app will be rolled out in March.

5) Kimishima promises smartphone apps with Nintendo’s famous characters in 2016. He wants to bring the company’s financials to a new level.

6) The plan is to bring profits to 100 billion yen ($855 million) in “several years”. [Note: that would be 4x of last year's profit.] //end
For full article (in Japanese)
As long as 2016 'details' mean 2016 'release'


'surprise with new ideas' means 'competent home console that isn't a fucking joke'


I'm all for it!
Guys, he's not going to confirm NX's release timing in a Japanese newspaper, lol. His statement doesn't deconfirm a 2016 release.
True indeed. They sure need something for the holidays and right now nothing has been confirmed for Wii U, except Zelda of course. But they need more.
I, for one, think Nintendo IP is a gold mine for licensing. In for a new Fire Emblem anime.
I mean, shit, I would make a yearly pilgrimage to Nintendo museum or amusement park.
A Nintendo version of The Simpsons: Tapped Out would print money.

Another variation is a bigger amiibo-connected integrated Nintendo world. There seems to be so much potential for either a game using their characters as in "Kingdom Hearts", or something similar to other toys to life games. It could even be more like a collection-focused app.
I think the NX deets will hit when they launch the first mobile game, because that's when they also launch the new account system. Would make sense for them to be like "and this new account works with NX, here's some details."
Hmm. I may be reading it wrong but I think the NX won't be coming out until 2017 but the announcement/revealing, or whatever you want to call it will be either at E3 or at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

My money is March 2017 in Japan and holiday 2017 rest of the world for the NX.
Animes? Oh my

One Man Falcon Punch go go go
The F-Zero anime was pretty bad.

I wouldn't oppose them trying again with something similar in tone to either One Punch Man or something that makes more sense for it like Redline.

The IPs getting an anime adaption are most likely Splatoon or Pikmin though, I can even see Chibi Robo getting one.