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Nintendo Switch |DT2| No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness

Which of these definitely """real""" leaks are you most hyped for?

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Hell, who am I kidding. Nintendo already has my money.

It's called "Having a Daughter who loves Nintendo".



So anybody have a direct link for fhe Switch reveal?? Sorry, just at work and can't seem to find the main presentation channel on youtube


thought it was hype in here goddamn that youtube chat is insane - cant they split that into rooms or something that could be used?


I'm still rather upset that I'll miss the beginning of treehouse live tomorrow. But at least I can watch it after the fact.

No way I was missing this though.
Last Minute Predictions to pass the the time since my hype is off the charts...

Launch Date: March 17th
Price: $249.99

Launch Titles from Nintendo:
-Zelda BotW
-Splatoon 1.5

Summer Games:
-Mario x Rabbids RPG
-Mario Kart 8.5
-Mother 3 localized

Fall/Holiday Games:
-Mario 3D
-Smash with all DLC
-Pokemon Stars
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