Nintendo Switch Previews are coming in

The polygon preview said they had hardware problem with the controllers becoming unsynched. That's not good.
Kind of concerning if that's the case, but I can't help but wonder why we're hearing about unsyncing now and not during the countless preview events (as well as it specifically being the left one).


El Capitan Todd
Yikes, both Digital Chumps and Polygon have had problems with the left joy-con losing sync. Let's hope it's a software problem.

I have been at another Italian preview just now
We set up 6 different joycon on 2 switch without issues

EU units superior confirmed!
If joycons aren't syncing everyone should be cancelling their preorders ASAP and waiting for fixed units. Wow. We have another Galaxy Note 7 on our hands?
Was wondering when I would see these pop up. Thanks for making the thread!

I don't expect to really learn anything of particular interest today, but I'll eat up all the Switch info just to fan the flames of hype.
We didn't do a video on the unboxing or using the system but more so discuss how it is using it on a day to day basis.

During one part we do bring up two technical issues I have with the Switch, which I'm really hoping are just isolated to our console. One is with the battery not charging all the way even when it's docked, and the other with some issues of input lag in rare cases when the Joy-Con are detached from the console itself.

Nintendo Switch First Impressions - What's Up Games

(To clarify, for those inevitably asking how the hell we got one, this is a press unit for, which will be having a written preview up as well)

Edit: Oh! I see other sites have had issues with the left Joy-Con as well.
Goddamn, my YT subbox is being spammed by 50 2min videos about every minor detail 😔 Props to the channels who do a few big informative videos instead of pulling that bs.

Same problem with mine. I think it is only one of the two Joy-Cons specifically however -- the left one. We've reached out to NOA and will update.
How are they communicating anyway? Bluetooth? Proprietary?