NISA Bringing RPG Maker Fes (3DS) to NA & EU



Living in the shadow of Amaz
I had no idea about the free app. That's really damn cool.

I remember spending so much time starting up and never finishing RPG Maker projects in the early 2000s. Hell, I actually learned some Perl and Ruby to work on those games.

Good times.
I am totally going to get this! Can't wait for us all to be able to play each other's RPGs as well!

I'm curious, does this feature a way to make custom graphics or is it only the included stuff?
Definitely getting this.

It would be great if the app was also available on Switch.

Like how Warioware D.I.Y. had Warioware D.I.Y. Showcase that allowed you to play the games you made on DS on Wii.
Oh man I remember sinking countless hours into RPG Maker 1995 and 2000 back in high school. I'll pick this up for sure.

Wonder if there will be any way to make and share resources as well. Probably not I guess.
Ah RPG maker

Those were the days, my attempts never really got anywhere (so so much work)

but I remember all that awesome sprites people were always making.

Really cool they have an eshop app to play stuff.
God's damn it, guess I'll be sinking fuck knows how many hours into this then.

The one thing keeping me away from this shit on PC was lack of free time. Since I can do this one in bed though, that excuse goes out the window.

How dialogue and choice heavy can this let you get? If it's mostly for old school linear RPG's, that would at least limit how time consuming I'm likely to get with it.
So excited for this, I purchased RPG Maker VX. While I love it, I would much prefer a handheld version than a PC. I can never seem to concentrate enough on the PC to make something substantial.
You can download the RPG Maker Player now. No games are uploaded and the localisation sounds a bit odd, with even some part still in Japanese.
i don't get the reviews :(
i mean it really is a tool with so much possibilities.
creating an rpg on an hand held is unheard of so far as i know.
This doesn't have a character/tile editor? Creating new assets on the touchscreen is like the one thing I'd have found cool about a 3DS RPG Maker.
Probably because the feature set is just too limited compared to desktop versions.
I imagine this is the case. The console and handheld sets are usually pretty limited compared to the nearly infinite availability of unique assets on the PC. Pretty much why I'll probably forgo picking this title up. Not to mention, the assets will probably be available as DLC for the PC versions in the future anyway.
pretty sad to see gaf not really cares about the game.
the free version already has 400 custom games!
playing one right now .

The demo of Demos

"surreal resolution"

pretty awesome to play !
And really shows what could be done with the game.