No Drivers For Xbox One Controller? [up: Penello brings everyone kittens]

Jun 14, 2006
I have recently been enjoying both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although the PlayStation 4 is a great console, I like my Xbox One controller a lot more. I googled ‘xbox one controller pc drivers’ a while ago and I found that Microsoft was planning to release PC drivers “sometime in 2014.” Well it is sometime in 2014 now and there are no drivers.

I reached out to a contact that I have at Microsoft. The contact requested that I reach them on a line that was not at the company. When we had a conversation about the drivers, he revealed to me what their plans are. According to the source, Microsoft’s current plan is to release a Windows version of the controller that would come bundled with a dongle, and not release PC drivers for the Xbox One version.

There is a Windows version of the controller currently in the works, I can confirm. The plan is to pretty much leave those who have the controller that came with the console in the dark. Microsoft realized they could make an extra $50 or so bucks off of NOT releasing the drivers so it seems we will either not release the drivers at all or wait until a far later date. Even with the drivers they would most likely make you buy the wireless dongle and not allow you use the controller via micro USB.
When I asked if the Windows version would be Bluetooth the contact said that it was not a part of the plan and he highly doubted it. I am currently reaching out to Microsoft PR for a statement.

I was hoping for a Titanfall release for the drivers. :(
Sep 1, 2004
East Stroudsburg, PA
Well, first off, the controller isn't Bluetooth, its WiFi Direct.

Secondly, MS already said they were making drivers.

Of course the PC would need a new dongle. They use a proprietary and new signal. I thought this was expected.
No. The Xbox One controller, unlike the 360's, does send control signals when plugged in via USB. An adapter would only be needed if you wanted to use it wireless.
Oct 14, 2012
Hah, I've got a friend that bought an XB1 controller just to use on PC. He's going the be pissed if this is true.

Of course the PC would need a new dongle. They use a proprietary and new signal. I thought this was expected.
The controller is apparently perfectly capable of working through USB.
May 31, 2007
The rumor is that they are releasing drivers, but may keep them bundled with a dongle and controller rather than having it available for everyone. At least, maybe, initially.

I know it's the title of the article, but maybe we should be a little more discerning.
Feb 8, 2008
Well, the one good thing they did for PC gaming over the last decade was standardizing the controller interface.
It wasn't even that great. For all the benefits it introduced, it also brought an absurd number of compatibility issues. Xbox 360 controllers don't work well with older DirectInput games, and DirectInput controllers (which are still being released today) don't always work with modern games if the developer made it xInput only.

Hopefully this rumor is bunk, as it's not good for anyone. Except Microsoft. :\
Jun 7, 2004
True or not, Microsoft is one of the worst things to happen to PC gaming. Terrible company. It sure would be great if Linux becomes a viable alternative.
Jun 10, 2013
Oregon, US
This really sucks for XB1 owners that also game on the PC, but I can completely understand why they are doing this. Just imagine how much money they could have made this last generation if you had to buy yet another X360 controller specifically for your PC. Most people already had multiple controllers for their X360, so assigning one to be the PC controller wasn't a big deal.
Oct 9, 2011
The 360 controller became the defacto standard for PC gaming, why would they fuck it up and not try and move everyone to the Xbox One controller?

Microsoft ain't makin sense
This. Surely the cost of getting some Windows drivers would be worth it for the amount of money they'll make from Xbox One controllers? I have a few friends who don't own an Xbox One but would like to get a Xbone controller if there's official drivers for Windows. Hell I'm one of those people.

Not convinced of this rumour, I think they will do it... eventually.


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Apr 16, 2010
Not really sure why people are surprised by this regarding using the controller wirelessly. The Xbox 360 controller worked the same way, you needed a USB dongle to use it.

The big issue here is if MS actually locks out people from using the controller in wired mode on PC or prevents existing users from getting a dongle to use with the controller they already have. That would be a bad move.
Jun 8, 2004
No "official" driver support. Much like the dual shock 3, I imagine it won't be hard at all to get one working on a PC , especially if they bring out a PC only version of the controller.