NPD Sales Results For June 2016 (new format, read OP)

May 25, 2007
Who doesn't have GTA5 at this point? That is the biggest mystery to me lol. I want to get it on PC but the best sale has still been $30 on steam. Not worth it IMO because I already bought it on 360 and xbone
A lot of people. I see a lot of level 1-5 nearly every day online. So the game must sell scarily consistently.
Feb 16, 2010
HW numbers came out last week and can be dug up in the predictions thread.

Still no public discussion over numbers allowed. I'm not a business suit, but a video game aficionado on a nerd forum.
You are the lifeblood of the industry and deserve better.

I always participate in threads because people here that care as much as they do can have some really great insights, even with sparse data.

The new style is very unfortunate and depressing, tbh.

Since they are counting revenue now, and including digital data, does this then include digital revenue gained from microtransactions and season passes?
Nope. Just digital distribution full game downloads from steam, PSN and XBL for a limited set of publishers.
Nov 5, 2011
I liked seeing how many units a game or system sold, especially if it's something I'm particularly interesting in, and also liked doing predictions. Oh well, looks like that's over.

Also, this revenue based ranking is going to make it pretty hard for games launching at a lower pricepoint to chart.
Dec 14, 2011
As ever? No. Nowhere close. Everything used to stop at a pub 10 years ago on NPD day. Now, it's a random email that pops up that I doubt many people even read.

The digital tracking service, and these releases, are supposed to reinvigorate NPD interest. And the idea that some titles on the rankings have digital and others don't is supposed to encourage non-participating publishers to start participating.

Full by month by platform units, revenue and price for every physical title, and the same for digital distribution on Steam, PSN and XBL if you're a participating publisher.
I see, so it's just the public data that is completely useless then :(
Dec 3, 2013
The game has charted virtually non stop since its initial release on PS3/360. Saleswise it is the game of this generation.
They keep provided the tons of content, etc., it will continue to do so. I am amazed every month I get an email with new things to be added.

It's literally like an MMO with all that support.

Like I said before, I would be shocked if they announce a new GTA game anytime soon, until this stops charting.

No, NPD is probably just catering to its intended audience, which isn't gamers on a forum.
Or catering to [the wishes of] those that purchase their data. ;)
Aug 15, 2007
The game has charted virtually non stop since its initial release on PS3/360. Saleswise it is the game of this generation.
I get that. It just feels like no one talks about it. It's just kind of there in perpetuity I guess. it's weird to me. In my little gaming bubble of new releases.
Feb 24, 2014
Lol now these threads will live and die on how much is leaked even more than before.

And there is no cream or sugar to help swallow this new NPD :(

Dash Kappei

Not actually that important
Apr 8, 2005
Having lived through Sales-Age's NPD Golden-Age it was already painful seeing what NPD day had become and the only thing that gave me hope was how certainly things could only improve from there. Boy was I fuckin' wrong.
Dead wrong. Let's pack it up guys.