NPD Sales Results for November 2013 [Up3: Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, 3DS, Wii U]

Within the last year I have bought a Wii U and Vita... What have I done!

Actually, I love both of them, I just hope I'm going to be able to keep using them for the next couple of years...

People have such warped perspectives. Of course it's not a big deal if Mario outsells Knack, but otherwise is a big deal if it doesn't. That's not some kind of hidden bias at work. It would also be a big deal if a fucking tornado ripped through Washington D.C., but not a big deal if it didn't.
Yeah, it wasn't a big deal. Until people started mentioning it repeatedly, so it became something to be looked for, even though it was still unlikely Knack would outsell it.

Wll, going off your somewhat extreme example...
Each day isn't a big deal. No one expects the world to end or whatever.
But going back to 2012 with the Mayans or Y2k, there were so many people talking about the world ending, to the point where the normal thing happening (you know, the world not ending) actually became "notable".

So when enough people mention the "unlikely thing", it becomes notable when the "normal thing" still happens.

Phew, that's OT, so done with that.
That is facts. The Wii U's first 6 weeks were stronger than almost any system to that point. You can go look up the news stories stating such. The problem was not the launch. The problem was the 11 months after that.

The point being that almost every launch in recent history has gone well. We have to go back to something like the Jaguar to find a truly bad launch. What matters are long term numbers.

1 6.42%
4 7.39%
360 55.45%
3 30.42%
u 0.33%
This is nuts.

Really makes me wonder how did the PS4 version of AC4 outsell the PS3 version? Especially with the PS3 version being both significantly cheaper and having a $10 digital upgrade that still made it cheaper to buy than the PS4 version.

I guess everybody who was set for Watch Dogs just ended up buying AC4 instead lol.