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Nutrition and studies - what does the science say?


Feb 2, 2018
I searched for a general topic about nutrition but did not found any active thread, so here we are.

A few months ago a began to get more into nutrition and health. I already have read a lot of books about this topic during the last years, but most of them were about sports, building muscles, strenght and diets, because i regularly hit the gym 4 times a week for several years now.
Due to severals reasons i began to dig more into the health topic when talking about nutrition. Because i always love studies and comprehensible logic and somehow stumbles on a site called NutritionFacts.org (https://nutritionfacts.org/ -> YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NutritionFactsOrg). The founder is Dr. Michael Greger, who works as an doctor and does most of the work in his spare time.
The site provides over 1000 videos about nutrition and every single topic is backed up by studies. The videos are short (under one minute up to ten, depending on the topic) and there is absolutely no filler nonsense content in any of these videos.

I probably know what you are thinking. It's another shady site who wants to promote a specific lifestyle or wants to sell products. But that's not the case here. There are no products or magic pills and supplements that are being sold on this site. They sell two books and some DVDs but 100% of all proceeds are donated to charity. And as an owner of the books i can say, that everything that is in the book is also available in one of the many videos.

Besides some main topics like heart, lung, brain and cancer diseases there are also many videos about blood pressure, diabetes and many other health topics. All of these are in the context of nutrition and how nutrition can alter these modern problems of mankind. Every single assumption is backed up by studies including sources. There are also many blog posts and videos about a wide array of specifics foods and their benefits and downsides on health.

I'm no vegetarian or vegan and i do not plan to get one so i had some mixed feelings about this site. So be aware, that the site heavily favors pland-based food. But not because of emotions or some ideology, but because of studies. Sometimes the studies can be cherry-picked and meat and fish is made worse than it probably is in reality, but at the end this site offers lots of information and education about nutrition.

If you're interested in nutrition and health in general then check this site out and come to your own conclusion. I really like the site and the information it provides and i'm pretty sure some of you will do the same.
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God Enel

Mar 26, 2011
Subscribed. I'm always interested in nutrition and dieting but it's always hard for me to keep it going. Maybe I'm addicted to sugar?! 🤣I need my burger from time to time


Feb 2, 2018
Subscribed. I'm always interested in nutrition and dieting but it's always hard for me to keep it going. Maybe I'm addicted to sugar?! 🤣I need my burger from time to time

I have the same problems. My best was to eat very healthy for pretty much 6 months. But for me it now seems a lot easier after i have watched many of the videos / studies and reading the book.
I think it's because now i know, what exactly healthy food can do for you body. I mean everyone knows how to eat healthy but nobody knows exactly why. If you ask someone what the benefits are, they will always come up with things like weight loss, feeling more fit and other general phrases. But there are many more specific advantages and it's not always about feeling better, but also about prevention and knowledge. And knowing these many things, make it easiert to eat healthy, at least for me.


Jan 7, 2018
It's easier if you live alone, but harder if you live with others or have a family since others may not be as committed as you are. Like getting others to use a bidet even when there are befits towards using one.


Feb 2, 2018
That's true. But fortunately this never was problem for me. My GF also trys to eat healthy most of the day and does a lot of cooking, so that was always a plus for me. My biggest problem are and were my huge daily caloric requirements to not lose weight (~4.000 kcal per day). Eating 4.000 kilo calories per day with only healthy food can be hell on some days, because most healthy foods have a rather low calorie density. Nuts and shakes can be your friend, but it's hard anyway. That also a reason why i could never eat 100% healthy, besides the enjoyment of junkfood and candy. :lollipop_baby_angel:
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Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018
Thanks for the recommendation. I've had to get my nutrition in check this past year (thankfully, as a preventative instead of due to disease). I lost 100 lbs of body fat as a result, so that's cool.


Oct 10, 2012
Discord : Kadayi#0650
Cool. I like this sort of stuff and fast information packed videos are much appreciated. Way too many people stretch stuff out or pad out their books with unnecessary fluff before getting to the relevant information. Thanks OP.
Dec 25, 2018
Manchester, England
I lost about 25lb in the last 9 months due to lifestyle changes and reading a book on how it all works regarding metabolism anf the like.

The Vegetation recommendation seems to be more because Plant DNA has little in common with Mammal, Fish or Avian DNA which is why it is overall better for you compared to eating meat consistantly, which shares similar DNA and is likely a cause of cancer.

I still eat meat as I love it but I do try and have Salads when I can and drink Water outside of December. :)

Please keep this active! It will help others to understand how nutrition works.


Aug 24, 2018
I learned in the last year alot of "common" knowledge about nutrition or food in general is a fucking lie, going strong with intermittent fasting and keto and meat being unhealthy always seems a bit weird to me especially if you look at evolution but who know maybe its the meat nowadays . .


Mar 23, 2018
My trick is.

1) Don't buy unhealty food. So you cant eat unhealthy food.

Basically only buy what you absolutely need, no snacks or anything.

2) Prepare your food and take it with you to your work if needed, so you won't jump into food shops or eat stuff on work place because to much work otherwise. You got your stuff always ready.
3) Make fast meals that you can instantly eat when you are hungry.
4) Drink loads of water
5) Don't eat out and if you do, only eat salads and chicken and nothing else.

What really helps is a stock food day rotation that you can always apply. for example i eat musli with milk twice a day a cup then eat salad with chicken and tuna.

Preparation morning / midday = open bag of musli > throw in bowl > throw in milk, get spoon > done.

Preparation evening meal = throw cut in (season it ) pieces chicken into a pan with some oil, warm it up ( small pieces heats up fast ) > get a bowl > throw in bag of mixed salads > throw a tuna can in it ( drain some of the oil or else it's to much ) > tiny bit of salad dressing > mix it up in the bowl and done.

Pieces of chicken on a plate it's done by now and you are eating in 5 minutes a godly meal.
Also drink a lot of water with it.

It's my stock meal rotation. So if i don't want to worry about my food or get tired and just want to snack on something fast. because my meal is 5 minutes away from me.

To tired to heat up chicken you can prep it in the weekend for the entire week and box it for the days if you want.

U never have to worry about food anymore.

6) Sign up for a gym.

7) Be this guy.

Become this guy.

Train until you get tired, do that three times a week.

8) Go beast mode:

Make sure to never skip leg day.

This is the only thing gym addicts care about.

10) Keep doing this and results will move forwards.

11) 2 year later, u are mister bond.

12) And people will look at you like:

13) approved by the god himself

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Jun 30, 2013
London, UK

I’m all or nothing with my diet. It’s either scooter riders dropping off bags of unhealthy food or the constant sound of a vitamix in the kitchen. I’m 6ft5 250lbs. I’d like to drop down to 220. I’ve been preparing better meals lately and started using my rower. If I can stay away from ubereats and petrol station lunches whilst at work I have every chance.
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