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Out of context quotes


Jun 25, 2015
Post an out of context quote from your fellow users to portray them in the best possible light.


Like this:
TRUE out of context quote would be to quote the quote a person quoted and have that quote be the quote the person allegedly quoted.

In this case:

My vagina can crush a watermelon
My penis has a sixpack.
I'm a pedo

Damage Inc

Nov 10, 2013
I had just finished asked if he wanted to try. It was his first time. He spent about an hour trying to learn how to use it and it was such a joy to watch. He was completely inept and uncoordinated but he was having sooooo much fun. Even after an hour he still moves mostly by just pushing the stick repeatedly instead of holding.

Seriously brought a tear to my eye. Just the pure joy of his first time.


Sep 25, 2015
the planet Thra
I'll do you one better, OP. How about a whole out-of-context conversation*?
Musky_Cheese said:
[...] worried about anal 🙇‍♀️
RokkanStoned said:
Anal doesn't count. Christians do it backwards.
StarlightLotice said:
He needs a good anal fisting...Hulk sized
Shifty. said:
involves a butthole spread wider than it ever should be
matt404au said:
if you're a 23 without anal then you've fucked a dog
Melon said:
We always come back to anal
█████ said:
[...] reminded me that I wanna fucking anal
█████ said:
[...] the idea of prolapse scares me
Damage Inc said:
Lick the prolapse
John Day said:
Dropped my hand at prolapse
Shifty. said:
toppled like a stack of quarters
Mista said:
Yo, where did it go?!

*Relative order and timing of messages is not guaranteed to represent reality. Messages and usernames have been censored (but not edited) where appropriate to protect or enhance participants' sense of shame. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
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Jul 21, 2016
Skyr on his need for some food:
hungry for cock
CatholicGamerGuy offering a substitute:
have some chicken skin on my upper arms

Doom85 was unsatisfied with their cosplaying sexmate:
fucking Starkiller was the worst

Mecha Meow has a "small" problem:
The midget stuck up my ass

I get no respect.

Spartancarver 117 laments their defective mental capacity:
My brain just cannot process

Nymphae likes it on the wrong side of the law:
That is criminal, it's so good

Yoshi offers his services and CurryPanda gives some advice:
One click on my username.

willing to kill anyone
Then I recommend getting a mask, and a pair of gloves


Jul 21, 2016
Musky_Cheese cannot multitask and CyberPanda empathises:
Who has free hands when masturbating
its very fucking hard

Clockwork5 has a tragic realisation:
I take my shirt off in front of my long distance gf

At that moment I realize, I’m just a nasty dude.

Tesseract seeks an answer to something that eludes:
how do you live as a man

how do you do it

嫩翼 thinking to expand his sexual horizons and slugbahr has a suggestion:
most girls are too boring in bed

Bullet Club doesn't like Virex's food suggestions:
eat monsters for breakfast
looks too healthy for me. Pass.

ParanoidRED is not a fan of YouTube:
I eat, drink and watch Youtube when bored.
Drinking bleach sounds more pleasant

Geki-D is a bum connoisseur:
I'd notice eating dry-ass