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If there is a dancing, it needs to have more than just the protagonists dancing this time. We need a more rounded out cast of characters to go on the dance floor.

This is my way of saying that, while yes, I could watch Catsuit Ann dance all day, I'm equally as interested seeing the moves of Maid Becky, Tae Takemi, and Ichiki Ohya on the dance floor as well. Oh, and everyone needs the Arabian suit from P4D
I definitely would be cool with some sort of Mario Kart-esque racing game where I can zoom around on Futaba's UFO. I'll just ignore whatever ridiculous story it has.
Unless they use the actual assets of P4U, I highly doubt it's a "p5ultimax".
People always get this wrong. The original "Persona 4 Arena's" subtitle in Japan was "P4U." Its title was "Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena." That's why its sequel was "P4U2": "Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold."

Please not another fighting game spinoff
Absolutely give us another fighting game spin-off.
And together we're gonna run around, Akira, we're gonna... do all kinds of wonderful things, Akira. Just you and me, Akira. The outside world is our enemy, Akira... we're the only.... friends we've got, Akira! It's just Morgana and Akira. Morgana and Akira and their adventures, Akira.. MORGANA AND AKIRA FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Morgana and Akira.. some...things.. Me and Morgana and Akira runnin' around and... Morgana and Akira time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Morgana and Akira! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Morgana and Akira... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Morgana and Akira dot com w..w..w... Morgana and Akira adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Morgana and Akira dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Morgana and Akira dot com......."
But in all seriousness, U is Arena and D is Dancing.

AG and R are tossups. I'm assuming one is an anime and one is an enhanced port. I'm just afraid that rereleasing Persona 5 this soon will kill its Western sales.
Unlike P4G, this one would be a fairly heavy downgrade, curious to see how it'd look. I'm basically imagining P5 using P4 graphics more or less, but that probably doesn't work very well. Either way, doubt it related to a port of P5, be surprised if we hear anything about such a thing for another 2 years or more. At which point, I'm not even sure if Vita will still be a blip on the radar anymore.
It would be to Persona 5 as Persona 3 Portable was to Persona 3.

And that game was pretty good!

With that said, as much as I would personally love it, I can't see any of these potential things coming to Vita at this point.
I'm up for another Persona fighting game, though I think I'll pass on P5Dancing All Night
Who am I kidding, Atlus has me by the balls, I'm buying anything they put out
Persona 5 red (i would Like crimsom) for vita
Has a big game release like this ever come out on a system that was no longer sold in stores before? I would personally prefer a Switch version, since it would be a ton closer to the PS4 version (possibly identical), but if it's only a Vita version that comes, I'll get that.

However, like I asked, I don't expect the Vita to actually still be sold anywhere in stores when the eventual port of P5 releases (it's not currently in the US is it?), so I'm curious, have big games released on systems no longer being carried in stores before?
Persona 3 Dancing? Lawd, "The Battle For Everyone's Souls" would run longer than 2112.
Hmm... I wonder what the plot would be. Elizabeth finally
finds a way to revive P3MC and they throw a massive dance party in celebration?

Would be nice if the D was for Definitive, but I won't hold my breath.
Probably they Will use the guilty gear engine
If there's a P5A, this isn't a certainty (also, Xrd's engine is Unreal). ASW's Team Blue has been sprite-based until now, while Team Red has been heading Xrd. I feel that Team Blue would be the ones handling P5A and, if so, it's a toss-up.
Of course there's going to be a p5 arena. Not only did p4 arena do well iirc, the story for why the p4 and p5 people would fight would be way easier to write as well