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Panic Button developer announces Nintendo Switch port of Torchlight 2..playfully dodges Switch Pro question(confirms?)


Sep 17, 2011
So the magicians at Panic Button who work their wizardry on amazing Nintendo Switch ports like Warframe, Wolfenstein and the upcoming Torchlight 2 where interviewed by the "Game Revolution" website: Torchlight 2 Switch developer hints at Switch Pro while also discussing the porting process and basically without coming out and saying it, confirms another horribly kept "Nintendo" secret: That Nintendo is indeed working on a Nintendo Switch Pro/XL system.

Didn't see this posted yet. If so, my apologies!

However, perhaps since Xbox/Sony have a dedicated "next gen" thread her on NeoGAF, perhaps we can use this one(or someone can start another one I suppose) for discussion on the
"next gen" Switch Pro/XL hardware that has all but been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal(said the "Lite" and "Pro" versions were being worked on and the "Lite" was just recently
revealed by Nintendo). Link here(The Wall Street Journal original articles are behind a paywall) so here's a summation from the Inverse website: Nintendo Switch Pro: Release Date, Price, Features, for an Evolved Switch

My take? The "Pro/XL" version of the Nintendo Switch isn't a "if" but more a "when" at this point. Sure, Nintendo has said there won't be anymore "Nintendo Switch hardware this year" but that doesn't mean they won't announce it and say, release it Quarter 1 of 2020. Games Industry website: Doug Bowser: No Switch Pro this year, Lite won't kill 3DS

I think it'll be the same Mariko chip being used in the Nintendo Switch Lite but rock higher clock speeds, 8 gig ram and other goodies to get some very nice performance upgrades over the current OG Switch model.

Thoughts? :messenger_beaming: :messenger_sunglasses:
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Jul 18, 2013
A playful “no comment” is enough confirmation if you really, really want it to happen.

Winter John

Mar 9, 2014
I'd buy an updated version of the Switch but I can't see Nintendo releasing it so close to the PS5/XBox. I was hoping they'd release it this holiday but I guess 2021 is when we'll see it.
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