People are streaming "shows" via PS4 twitch..

They posted her facebook in the chat SMH these people are crazy she is asking how to delete facebook now lol
yeah i feel bad for her actually

Creepy levels raised
shits in overdrive now

posted address and other family members' names.

edit: now after people in the chat suggested they end the stream, they did. good thing too, it was getting way outta hand (and i rarely say that about twitch streams)
This is ridiculous, I think that guy just asked if they "Think GTA 5 may come out on next gen consoles and possibly hold any improvements" and they say "You know, we'll google it and find out". WHAT?

EDIT: and now Watch Dogs being pushed back is going to hurt Sony, I guess they don't know its an Ubi game.

BTW did Sony make it clear your kids can broadcast themselves on the internet?
They need to get a handle on this shit. Fox News or a similar outlet is gonna take a pic like this, plaster it everywhere, and scare moms away.

Which might not be the WORST thing lol, parents need to know what theyre buying their kids.
I don't understand the purpose of The Spartan Show. They take questions and then Google the answers? For some reason though, I can't. Stop. Watching.
Train wreck..rubber necking etc.. Its like when you drive past a car accident and slow down to look lol

Dude struck gold and wasn't the right man for the job :( Many of us, given the power he was handed on that night, would have blown the fuck up and did the show justice...sad really.
That's child abuse right there. WTF is wrong with people. People like Helenacl posting on the kids stream should be castrated, obviously their sex drive is heading in the wrong direction, together with their "sense of humor".