Phantasy star online 2: 500.000 players on vita

500k? Didn't know that there are that many people out there who bought a vita and also the game??? Those are japan numbers only, right?
Half a million, eh?

I don't know if that's good or bad, to be honest. How many are playing it on PC?
Well considering that the Vita is only a little over 3 million last i heard... I'd say that its pretty good though i guess it could also be that there's so little that you can ONLY play on Vita that it, like soul sacrifice, Gravity rush and persona have become the core titles that most build their Vita library around.

Of course thats only my opinion on the matter

Edit: And apparently i forgot that it hadn't been released outside of Japan; so that's nearly a 1 in 3 attach rate in Japan for the vita.
500K and I'm one of them. It workd really well on the Vita as a companion version for the PC when I'm in bed and just want to do a few runs.
Unfortionately I lost the "spark" after finally unlocking Fighter.
Being able to buy rare weapons for a few K Meseta from player shops killed it for me.
Now I just want an HD port of PSO Ep1&2 for my Vita...
Hey people, don't count on the game coming to NA or EU any time soon, if ever. Use the translation patch and play with us on the Japanese servers instead, there's really very little that you won't be able to understand.
So glad I imported the packaged version, it's great fun playing PSO2 on a portable.

Hopefully the Vita version will come over when PSO2 hits the West (whenever that happens)
Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally wish they'd come out with an English version. Usually Asian releases have English right? If the Asian one has any English I'll probably consider importing the boxed copy premium version.

Edit: I forgot about the AsiaSoft presser confirming English. The only problem is they neglected to confirm the Vita version, so I'm assuming that means no.
500k? Sounds like 500k downloads because that's almost half the Vita userbase, I somehow doubt that many people are actually playing the game.