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everyone should just FRICKIN chill out and post funny pictures. Why the hell is this topic always so controversial? Not everyone is going to find everything funny. Deal with that and post some funny pics of your own.
I don't see the funny. Maybe if they were the same containers but one container might just hold more due to its shape.

edit: Oh now I got it.
There is no funny. The guy who made the picture doesn't realize that the products are 198g and 200g, which are 6.98424447 and 7.05479239 ounces, which both get rounded to 7 for the label.
Trigunner said:
I didn't find it funny either but I assumed Orellio posted it because of the weight difference.
I was posting it as an example of pictures that ARENT funny. Someone posted that in the last thread with no explanation.

That's why I prefaced it with "And it was common enough for people to post pics in the other thread that just plain weren't funny:"

Way to read, guys :p


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Dead Man said:
Which thread to post in. I guess a different picture for each, and we'll see which one wins.
I must be missing something. Is this a reference to dolans cadillac?
What's the point of a separate GIF thread (the old one didn't have it separate)? And why do we have 2 pic threads? It's like Altered Beast just wants to be the OP for these to get attention and stuff
Well, that's a good enough reason for me to support the other thread, and ignore this one. Not to mention, that it's a better thread than this.


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Forget this, I am taking my ball and going home!

You guys act like children; in fact, I often have to remember that most people on these boards are under the age of 18... I already gave my support to the other thread, this one was supposed to die, but was bumped, not by me. I still think this one is better because there are no pictures making fun of people with down syndrome/asian people in it, but that's besides the point. :p

The GIF thread is one that was heavily discussed and complained/lobbied for in the last mega-thread. It stays because it enhances the funny without stepping on anybody who wishes to see trollfaces and the same pictures over and over in "new" and "creative" ways.
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