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scar tissue said:
This thread is the only funny picture thread.
I am glad you feel that way, the consensus is clearly against it, though. Thankfully, there really is only one GIF thread. :)

...and I just got that dissing terry joke. nice. :)


only Fernando's ripe melons are good enough for me
wait I thought the chick pushing shit out her ass was a totally made up thing by clueless guys. Please tell me that isn't possible...please..?


leeches are the best bait when attempting to land bass


so I was fingering my lady friend and noticed these hard lumps on the back side of her vagina, and I was like 'woah what are those hard chunks in there' and shes like 'what?' all unknowingly, then I realized it was poop! Her rectum was filled with poop and I could feel it through the wall of the vagina, I was somewhat fascinated by this and proceeded to examine it prolly somewhat like a doctor, feeling all around, scoping out the territory and range in which you could feel poop through the vagina.

We then had some sex and afterwards she commented on maybe needing to go poop, at which point I notioned that perhaps I could help ease the poop out of her rectum by putting my fingers into her vagina and pushing on the feces through the vagina wall. And so I did... it was interesting...

I then noted that perhaps you could make a specially formed dildo to insert in the vagina for the purpose of pushing on impacted feces in the rectum through the vagina, and it could be like a deconstipation tool.

Which agreed perhaps.

And then she said i was somewhat odd with my seeming interest in this subject and im like 'what? I cant possibly be the first guy to of mentioned this to you, I imagine every guy notices this and says something. Then she said I was the only guy to mention to her that I could feel poop through her vagina, let alone try to help deconstipate her by pushing the feces out with my finger through her vagina.

and im like.. no way... I cannot be the first guy... This is not hard to miss, theres got to be tons of dudes who have noticed this and tried it.

So I make this thread... have any of you told your lady friend that you can feel chunks of feces in her rectum from her vagina when fingering her?


only Fernando's ripe melons are good enough for me
I swear if I notice this tonight I'm never coming back to GAF. ever.

it's like one of those 'when you see it' images. it'll be ruined.
That is by far one of the greatest break ups I have ever read.

Also: Austin sounds like a really cool guy, we should hang out.

Having said that it sounds like he should have ended it sooner, what with the friend abuse.
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