PlayStation 4 Brand Guidelines



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This comes from a PDF file Sony Computer Entertainment Europe sent out. Pretty standard stuff, but still nice to see what they have set up. The file contains 30 pages, these are 18 of them (some are more or less copies of other pages with little new content).

Apr 11, 2008
Why do we need to see or know this?
I actually think its really interesting. Its a sort of inside view on how their marketing works - and just how coordinated the fonts and colours have to be. As someone who knows nothing about marketing, it's quite eye-opening. I'd love to see the Nintendo and Microsoft equivalents too.

I'm very glad you don't decide for us what's threadworthy.

Thanks Rösti for this - if you have any more similar content please post it!
Mar 20, 2011
So the game case is blue?
Really hope it ends up clear like the PS3 cases. Hell, just use that form factor with a PS4 logo. Also don't cut out plastic to make the cases feel cheap as hell. I love how solid the PS3 cases are compared to a lot of other cases, including the cut out blu-ray cases. Makes it feel like the more expensive product that it is.
Feb 9, 2006
I work for a small-ish apparel company and we do a lot of licensed goods. The brands we deal with include the big three auto manufacturers, as well as some famous outdoor "camo" brands. They all have branding guideline documents very similar to this, and they get updated every year or so, it seems like. It's always very interesting when I see a new one.

Thanks for posting this, OP, I'd like to see those for the other consoles (and handhelds) as well! EDIT: Oh, I see post #7 has the XBone's equivalent. Cool stuff!