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Pokemon X and Y SPOILER Discussion Thread

The Technomancer

card-carrying scientician
Jun 18, 2009
We have a spoiler thread for these games?

I gotta say even by the standards of recent Pokemon games this one really went off the rails towards the end, the thing with the King and his Floette or whatever


Jan 8, 2011
How the heck can you tell they have EVs or not?

That's not what I said? I was saying if they were hacked to level 100, why would they have EVs on them? It would be the equivalent of continuously giving them rare candies until they reached 100. I can't say for certain but I said I was just assuming that.


Junior Member
Jul 10, 2009
Fire/Water is an awesome typing. I hope we'll see it again in Gen 7 with a non-legend pokemon.

I'm still surprised those 3 pokemon are even in the game's data. I'd have thought they'd leave the event legends out, and then when you went to download them at their announcements, you'd be required to do an update. Too late for that, I suppose.

Hope the X/Y engine is smoothed out a lot in the eventual Z and Ruby/Sapphire remakes. Well, I'm sure it will be. It's horribly slow in XY, can't believe they released it like that.