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PS Vita western launch thread, p. 2 | Simply the most desirable handheld yet released

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This thread is no longer being updated. Visit part 3 instead: PS Vita general advice thread, part 3 | Veni, vidi, Vita

Media: PS Vita Card
CPU: 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
Memory: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB VRAM
Display: 5-inch OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, 24-bit color, 960 × 544 qHD @ 220 ppi
Graphics: 4 core SGX543MP4+
Input: Touchscreen, Rear touchpad, Sixaxis motion sensing, Three-axis electronic compass, D-pad, 12 × Buttons (
, L, R, Start, Select, Home, Volume ±, Power), 2 × Analog sticks
Camera: Front and back VGA cameras 0.3 MP @ 60 fps/320×240 @ 120 fps
Connectivity: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Online services: PlayStation Network
Dimensions: 83.55 mm (3.289 in) (h), 182 mm (7.2 in) (w), 18.6 mm (0.73 in) (d)
Weight: Wifi:260 grams (9.2 oz), 3G: 279 grams (9.8 oz)

• In the Party application, voice chat and text chat with friends and other players who also use PS Vita systems.
• In the PS Store application, shop online at PlayStation Store for games, videos, and other content. You can also download the latest free trial versions of games and promotional videos.
• Use "near" to find players in your vicinity, discover what games your friends and other players in the vicinity are playing, share information about the games you are playing, and share game items with other players.
• In the Friends application, become online friends with other PlayStation Network users nearby and around the world. Check your status and the statuses of your friends. You can communicate with friends in other applications such as (Party) and (Group Messaging). You can view your friends’ activities on their profile screens and in the communication area of games. You can also comment on your friends’ activities.
• In Group Messaging, exchange messages with friends and other players who are using PlayStation Network from PS Vita systems and PS3 systems. You can also use (Group Messaging) to receive information from PlayStation Network, and to send invitations to play games and to parties in (Party).
• In the Trophies application, view the trophies you have earned playing games and compare trophies with your friends.
• In the Photos application, take and view photos and videos with your PS Vita system.
• In the Browser application, view web pages on the Internet.
• With the Music application, listen to music on your PS Vita system. You can also listen to music copied from a PS3 system or a computer.
• In the Videos application, watch videos on your PS Vita system. You can also enjoy movies downloaded from PlayStation Store.
• In Remote Play, access and operate a PS3 system in a remote location from your PS Vita system.

Backward Compatibility
Play all your old digital PSP games on that pretty OLED screen. Filtering is optional and you can even assign buttons to the right analog stick.

For at least some games:
• Load times are faster.
• Framerate is better (compared to stock 222mhz PSP and 333mhz overclocks).
• Dithering is sadly still present, but bilinear filtering helps a bit with it, especially on 2d content.
• The OLED makes a difference with overall image clarity as well - even the non-dithered PSP games look somewhat grainy on original hardware when viewed side-by-side.

If you're not pleased with the default system, there is already a nice collection of accessories for it.

European Starter Kit includes:
• Screen protector
• Cleaning Cloth
• Wrist Strap
• Game Cartridge Case
• Pouch
• Official Case

European Travel Kit includes:
• Screen protector
• Cleaning Cloth
• Wrist Strap
• Game Cartridge Case
• Travel Case
• Car Adaptor

You can also find third-party screen protectors, card cases, grip attachments and other gadgets.

Gallery with all Panels available for your Vita at launch.

I got it!! Darn I'm so excited! I couldn't believe how premium the device feels despite being light.

Digital Foundry | " If it's a pure gaming machine you're after[...], PlayStation Vita is precisely catered towards your needs."
Engadget | "[...]it's hard to shake the Vita's siren call: adopt early, it says, I'm worth it."
Eurogamer | "[...]PlayStation Vita is potentially the most powerful and flexible gaming handheld ever[...]"
Game Revolution | "The Vita is seemingly the perfectly built device."
IGN UK | "Despite its faults and the challenges it may face in the larger consumer market, it remains an impressive handheld. It offers gameplay experiences never before seen on a portable device and with time, could emerge as a powerhouse mobile platform."
Kotaku | "This is indeed, the most powerful and physically capable gaming handheld ever made, one sold for a reasonable price and that supports both the buy-games-at-a-gameshop lifestyle and the download-everything one."
TheSixthAxis | "[...]it sports one hell of a screen – it really is impressive, the resolution high enough to keep everything crisp and the colours really do pop – it’s especially gorgeous at night and surpasses everything else I’ve seen[...]"
The Verge | "The PlayStation Vita is quite simply the most desirable handheld gaming device yet released."
The Verge (Video Review) | "[insert quote here]"

This thing makes a great first impression, it's a very slick piece of kit, the speakers are clear and loud and the OLED screen is just simply gorgeous
The Vita is some seriously lust-worthy hardware.
This thing is hot sex.
So this is the "I can't believe I'm playing this on a handheld" feeling I've been wanting for so long. Amazing device.
Yo this shit is outstanding, best gaming handheld ever automatically.
GAF User said:
This could be you. Apply today!

Q: What is this First Edition bundle I've been hearing about?
A: It's a bundle with a Playstation Vita, a case, a 4 GB memory card, Little Deviants and it's available a week early (Feb 15). In the US it's $349.99 and you'll get the 3G version of the PS Vita. In Canada it's $299.99 and it comes with the wi-fi only version.

Q: Is the PS Vita backwards compatible?
A: You can play PSP games. PS1 Classics are not compatible at launch.

Q: Is there a discount for buying the games digitally from the PSN store?
A: There will be some kind of discount. (source)

Q: Is there some kind of UMD trade-in program?
A: No.

Q: Will PS+ members get an additional discount?
A: There will be no PS+ discounts in the US for Vita at launch. (source)

Q: Is the Vita region free?
A: Yes, but you can only have one account activated at a time and online passes are region restricted.

Q: Are memory cards region free?
A: Yes, they are. Yoshida have been telling EU users to import 32 GB cards from the US.

Q: How do I download full games on the device?
A: You can only download games directly with the Vita or transfer them from a PS3. There are currently no other ways.

Q: Can you backup full games from your memory card to your PC using the Vita and the CMA application?
A: Yes.

Q: How large memory card do I need?
A: That's up to you, but here is a helpful list of the sizes of a few Japanese PS Vita games. European games tend to be larger due to multilingual support.

Q: How do I switch PSN account on my Vita?
A: Read this post.

Q: How do I access the PSP emulator settings?
A: While playing a PSP game, press and hold a finger on the touchscreen for a little while. The menu will pop-up, giving you the option to assign buttons to the right analog stick plus more.

TITLE                               SIZE  Japan     North America
AR Combat DigiQ                          220 MB
Army Corps of Hell                       598 MB
Asphalt Injection                        724 MB
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend        3180 MB
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention         1699 MB
Dream Club Zero                         2835 MB
Dungeon Hunter                          1057 MB
Dynasty Warriors                        1485 MB
Escape Plan                                                842 MB
Everybody's Golf 6                      1100 MB
F1                                      1435 MB
Kyoukugen Dasshutsu: Zennin Shiboudesu   693 MB
Little Deviants                          869 MB
Lord of Apocalypse                      1427 MB
Lumines: Electric Symphony                                 722 MB
Michael Jackson Experience              1225 MB
Minna to Issho                           168 MB
Mojohng Fight Club                       793 MB
Monster Radar                           1640 MB
Rayman Origins                                             932 MB
Ridge Racer                              561 MB
Shinobido 2                             1057 MB
Touch my Katamari                        744 MB
Twitter App                             5760 KB
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3             1350 MB
Uncharted: Golden Abyss                 2777 MB
Virtua Tennis 4                         1241 MB

Q: Is it true that most PSP games are incompatible with the PS Vita?
A: The list Sony posted here is incomplete. Resourceful NeoGAF members have helped us compile the list below. You can transfer these via a PS3 instead of downloading them from the Vita store. Please notify me if you find any errors in the lists.

Compatible, but not listed by Sony
Ape Escape on the Loose
Burnout Legends
Capcom Classic Collection: Reloaded
Capcom Classic Collection: Remixed
Capcom Puzzle World
Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
Cho Aniki Zero
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars 
Def Jam: Fight for NY
Disgaea Infinite
Everyday Shooter
Field Commander
Gods Eater Burst
Gradius Collection
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Gran Turismo
Guilty Gear Judgment
Hammerin' Hero
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
Jeanne d'Arc
Killzone Liberation
Kururin Fusion
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival
Locoroco 2
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Mercury Meltdown
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Patchwork Heroes
Persuit Force
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (works for some. Lain got the EU version running when transferred from his PS3)
Power Stone Collection
PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient 
Pursuit Force
Puzzle Quest
R-Type Command
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Rock Band Unplugged
Sega Genesis Collection
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Sonic Rivals
Sonic Rivals 2
The Warriors
Unbound Saga
Valkyria Chronicles II
Wipeout Pulse
[s]Ys I & II Chronicles ([URL="http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=35039658&postcount=5557"]works for some[/URL])[/s] ([URL="http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=35212587&postcount=14227"]Explanation here[/URL]. Hopefully we'll get a fix soon.)
Ys seven

All Neo Geo titles
All PC Engine titles

Currently incompatible titles
Brave Story
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
ModNation Racers
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
Patapon 3
Phantasy Star Portable
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (works for some. Lain got the EU version running when transferred from his PS3)
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
Resistance: Retribution
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 
Twisted Metal: Head On
Wipeout Pure
Ys I & II Chronicles ([URL="http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=35029927&postcount=5238"]works for some[/URL])

Age of Zombies
Angry Birds
Heroes of Sparta 
Pac-Man Championship Edition
Street Smart
Where is my Heart?

[MSRP] (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

PS Vita Wi-Fi               $249.99
PS Vita 3G                  $299.99
First Edition - US          $349.99
First Edition - Canada      $299.99

First-party accessories
4 GB memory card             $19.99
8 GB memory card             $29.99
16 GB memory card            $59.99
32 GB memory card            $99.99
Starter kit with memory card $39.99
In-ear headset               $19.99
Carrying case                $19.99
Travel Pouch                 $19.99
Protective film (2 pack)      $9.99
Card case                     $5.99
Cradle                       $19.99
Portable charger             $49.99
AC adaptor                   $14.99
Car adaptor                  $14.99
USB cable                    $14.99

Third-party accessories
HORI hard case               $14.99
HORI face cover              $12.99
HORI screen protector         $6.99
Thrustmaster S.P.F case                  £19.99
Thrustmaster V.I.P case                  £16.99

Games on PSN
Escape Plan                  $14.99       £9.99
Hustle Kings                  $9.99       £6.49
MotorStorm: RC                            £4.79
Super Stardust Delta          $9.99       £6.49
Tales from Space:MBA          $7.99
Top Darts                                 £6.49

BlazBlue: CSE                $34.99
Dungeon Hunter               $35.99
FIFA                         $39.99
HSG: World Invitational      $35.99
Little Deviants              $26.99
Michael Jackson              $35.99
Modnation Racers: Road Trip  $26.99
Rayman Origins               $35.99
Uncharted: Golden Abyss      $44.99
Wipeout 2048                 $35.99


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Registering access points (used by Near) @ Skyhook
How to Switch PSN Accounts on PS Vita @ YouTube (IGN)
How to Switch PSN accounts EASILY FAQ @ GameAxis Forums

The Ultimate Guide To PS Vita’s European Launch Line-Up @ TheSixthAxis
Playstation Vita Buyers' Guide @ Vox Games
How Sony's Big Gamble With The PS Vita Will Lead Them To Victory @ Forbes
Destructoid LIVE with PS Vita! @ Destructoid
European system unboxing video @ Game Kings
US Vita games unboxing video @ YouTube
Wallpapers @ Playstation Vita Wallpapers

The OP is a work in progress. If you feel like anything is incorrect or want to add something, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to weekend_warrior for the banner and the headers! Thanks to the NeoGAF community for helping out with the correcting errors and filling out the FAQ!

A-Men (Bloober Team) | Trailer | Inspired by retro-cult classics Lemmings and Lost Vikings, the game gives you control of up to five army characters, each with their own personalities, skills and tools, whose mission is to round up their equally endearing enemies across a series of worlds and puzzles.

Army Corps of Hell (Entersphere) | Trailer | It's heavy metal Pikmin from Square-Enix.

Asphalt Injection (Gameloft) | Trailer | Enjoy arcade racing with collectibles, crashes, jumps, shortcuts and nitro for thrilling races.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (Arc System Works) | Trailer | A hi-res 2D fighter from the creators of the Guilty Gear series.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Gameloft) | Trailer | A hack and slash action-role playing game.

Dynasty Warriors Next (Omega Force) | Trailer | Hack and slash your way through thousands of enemies. Very loosely based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Escape Plan (Fun Bits) | Trailer | Stylish black and white puzzle game.

Everybody’s Golf: World Invitational (Clap Hanz, Team Ninja) | Trailer (2)| Popular and humorous golf series with a precise engine. Known as Hot Shots Golf in North America and Minna no Golf in Japan.

F1 2011 (Codemasters) | Trailer | Realistic racing based on the 2011 Formula One season.

FIFA Football (EA Sports) | Trailer | You know what FIFA is.

Hustle Kings (VooFoo Studios) | Trailer | A pool game. Features a career mode as well as various trick shot and tournament modes.

Little Deviants (Bigbig Studios) | Trailer | An arcade/compilation game that makes use of the the Vita's rear multitouch touchpad and augmented reality capabilities, along with traditional controls.

Lumines: Electric Symphony (Q Entertainment) | Trailer | A puzzle video game based on sound and light patterns.

Michael Jackson: The Experience HD (Ubisoft Montreal?) | Trailer | A music video game based on Michael Jackson's music and songs.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip (SCE San Diego Studio) | Trailer | A kart racing game focused on 'Play, Create, and Share'.

MotorStorm: RC (Evolution Studios) | Trailer | A radio controlled spin-off of the popular MotorStorm franchise. The game will feature 8 styles of vehicles and 16 unique tracks built out returning areas from previous MotorStorm games.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (Team Ninja) | Trailer | An action-adventure game that follows the fictional story of Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja, in his quest to recover a stolen sword and avenge the slaughter of his clan.

Rayman Origins (Ubisoft Montpellier) | Trailer | Colorful platformer. The story follows Rayman, his friend Globox and two teensies as they fight Darktoons and other evil creatures that have infected the Glade of Dreams.

Reality Fighters (Novarama) | Trailer | Fighting game based around augmented reality.

Ridge Racer Vita (Cellius) | Trailer | Continues the Ridge Racer tradition of drift racing and will support single-player as well as local and Wi-Fi multi-player games.

Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja (Acquire) | Trailer | Set six months after the events of the previous game, Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja sees the once peaceful region of Utakata in the grip of a vicious civil war.

StarDrone Extreme (Beatshapers) | Trailer | A high-speed action thriller with a mix of arcade action, pinball, breakout, physics and collect-the-objects.

Super Stardust Delta (Housemarque) | Trailer | Twin stick shooter where you destroy virtually everything on screen in a frenetic pace.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (Drinkbox Studios) | Trailer | A side-scrolling puzzle-platformer about a grumpy mutant Blob that escapes into the world and starts eating everything around him.

Top Darts (Devil's Details) | Trailer | The game features a large selection of traditional darts games as well as an assortment of unique challenges and multiplayer games. Beer is not included.

Touch My Katamari (Namco Bandai) | Trailer | Players must roll a sticky ball, known as a Katamari, over hundreds of objects, allowing it to grow in size and reach a desired size within a time limit.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Capcom, Eighting) | Trailer | It is an updated version of the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (SCE Bend Studio) | Trailer | Uncover the dark secret behind the 400-year-old massacre of a Spanish expedition as Nathan Drake follows the murderous trail of an ancient and secret Spanish sect.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (SEGA-AM3) | Trailer | A tennis game that allows the player to step into the shoes of some of the world's best tennis pros.

Wipeout 2048 (SCE Studio Liverpool) | Trailer | Futuristic anti-gravity racing well-known for its fast-paced gameplay and high-quality 3D visual design, as well as its association with electronica and electronic dance music.


Gravity Rush (SCE Japan Studio) | Trailer | Take control of Kat, a mysterious young woman who has the ability to control the gravity around her. The gravity-controlling mechanic can be used to fly through the air, walk on walls, and thrusting devastating kick attacks towards enemies.


Ben 10: Galactic Racing (Monkey Bar Games) | Trailer | A kart racing game based on the Ben 10 franchise.

Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap Games) | Trailer | A tower defense action video game that involves a homeowner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of zombies from "eating their brains".


Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (Nippon Ichi) | Trailer | A hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Traveller's Tales) | Trailer | The game is based on the Lego Harry Potter line and is based on the final four films in the Harry Potter series.

MLB 12: The Show (SCE San Diego Studio) | Trailer (PS3) | A Major League Baseball video game that builds on what has been delivered in previous franchise releases, adding compelling features that bring unparalleled innovation.

Putty Squad (System 3 Software) | Trailer | A platformer originally released for the SNES back in 1994.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories (WayForward Technologies) | Trailer | The game utilizes an overhead isometric view, follows a new storyline, and features returning creatures from the series' fictional universe, as well as cooperative gameplay.

Unit 13 (Zipper Interactive) | Trailer | A third-person shooter from the SOCOM team.

Frobisher Says (Honeyslug) | Trailer | A surreal party game, where players must obey the whims of a strange little man called Frobisher. The game showcases all of the features of the Vita .

Netflix (Netflix, Inc.) | Trailer | On-demand Internet streaming media. It was supposed to be ready for the American launch.

t@g (Bolser) | Trailer | Budding street artists can show off their artistic talents by creating virtual t@gs and unleashing them anywhere in the virtual world.

Facebook | Download the Facebook app for PS Vita onto your system to connect with friends, check your News Feed, and update your status with your greatest gaming achievements.

Flickr | Take, post, and view your favorite pictures online through the Flickr app on PS Vita.

Foursquare | Use the GPS on your PS Vita to check in wherever you are through Foursquare.

Skype | Make calls over Skype via 3G or Wifi through your PS Vita and your Official PlayStation In-Ear Headset with Microphone.

Twitter | With LiveTweet for PS Vita you can see all of your Twitter Friends and Tweet directly from you PS Vita without leaving your Party or quitting your game.

Welcome Park | Welcome Park is an app which allows users to learn the basic ways to operate PS Vita's new ways to play.

Google Maps | A map application provided by Google.

Music Unlimited | Sony's cloud-based music service.

Video Unlimited | Sony's cloud-based video service.

PlayMemories | Sony's cloud-based photo service.

AR Combat DigiQ (Konami) | Trailer | An online combat game where you control radio controlled vehicles using the Vita's dual analogue sticks. As indicated by the "AR" in the name, the game will use augmented reality technology, allowing you to set your battles against whatever backdrop you like.

Dream Club Zero Portable (Tamsoft) | Trailer | A Japanese hostess game where the player gets drunk with the hostess while trying to gain her favor.

Gyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shiboudes (Chunsoft) | Trailer | Commonly translated as "Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die". It's an upcoming visual novel and a successor to the Nintendo DS title 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. It's being created by the same staff and will contain full voice acting, rendered 3D models, and a self-contained story.

Little Busters! Converted Edition (Key) | Trailer | A visual novel. The adult elements are removed in the Converted Edition.

Lord of Apocalypse (Access Games) | Trailer | An action game that allows up to four players to fight monsters and demons. The gameplay is very close to the Monster Hunter series, but this time with cinematic kills and mini-games. Players also have the ability to summon monsters to aid them in battle.

Mahjong Fight Club: Shinsei Zenkoku Taisen Ban (Konami) | Trailer | A video game that is based on the classical Chinese game mahjong.

Monster Radar (SCE Japan?)| Trailer | An augmented reality location based game that will utilize all the feature the PS Vita has to offer including the camera features.

Ragnarok Odyssey (Gamearts) | Trailer | An RPG from the studio responsible for classic franchises like Lunar and Grandia.

Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru: 11 Ninme no Suspect (Chunsoft) | Trailer | A horror sound novel.

Tales of Innocence R (Alfa System) | Trailer | A re-imagination of an old Tales game. Scenarios, battle system and areas within the game being revamped. The game will also feature new graphics, new artwork for the characters, new music tracks as well as new extensive new anime cutscenes.

Please let me know if any information is incorrect or if you want something else added.

Minna to Issho (SCE Japan Studio) | Trailer | A downloadable Playstation Vita application that helps you find friends through the creation of a profile, exchanging of "business cards" and the creation of your own personal garden. The game will help you find potential friends who match your preference in the attempt to make more friends!

NAX Music Player (Arc System Works) | Trailer | A free media player. You can manipulate the sound with the Vita's buttons. Less than 10MB to download and new content will be available in the future.

NicoNico (Niwango) | Trailer | An application for a popular video sharing website in Japan.

Torne (SCE Japan) | Demonstration @ 3:20 | Navigate television listings, set up recordings remotely, and stream television straight to your Vita.


needs 2 extra inches
That subtitle is really unfortunate, it will surely draw low sales and death jokes.

Edit: Too late!
What went wrong with the 1st OT !?
EDIT: Is Ys Seven compatible !?
EDIT2: Shit shit shit, I ruiend the whole thing, I am so sorry, is there any way I can deleted this post !?
EDIT3: Nevermind, other people messed it up completely.
Don't worry about it, a mod can delete the post for you. The forum software can't currently handle very large threads with more than 20,000 posts. That's why there is a part 2.


So to the person who posted those Unit 13 pics in the other thread, is the demo up or have you played it? If so, what do you think? Will a SOCOM fan like it? Thanks.


So to the person who posted those Unit 13 pics in the other thread, is the demo up or have you played it? If so, what do you think? Will a SOCOM fan like it? Thanks.
I have the full game... and yeah, it's pretty sweet, controls are good too. I actually can't believe the game looks that good on a portable. Don't think the demo is up yet.


LOL finally reach part 2. Hopefully I could pick my Vita tommorow (seriously I preorder and paid at full price but only available on the 25th...)


I have the full game... and yeah, it's pretty sweet, controls are good too. I actually can't believe the game looks that good on a portable. Don't think the demo is up yet.
I believe we'll be getting a Unit 13 demo in the next PlayStation Store update later tonight (Tuesday).


Oki another question, are patches region free?

Edit: it's gonna be interesting to see how many pages this topic is gonna reach by the end of this upcoming Wednesday. :p
im going to be like a crazed cat waiting in the window wednesday for the UPS guy. ...He wont see me either until he Leaves. That is when I pounce

Ran rp

Aww, I was going to suggest "PlayStation Vita Western Launch Thread 2 | The Midas Touch" or "PlayStation Vita Western Launch Thread 2 | I Want to Believe"


i wasn't gonna get a vita, well when it was first shown to the world i said YES, WANT!! ..but then no EA support initially my interest waned .... but yeh, the moment i saw fifa - i knew i had to have it.

so i'll be picking mine up in just a little over a day's time .... but it's kinda made me question if i still REALLY need to upgrade my phone this year.

My S2 runs ICS like a dream, the phone size is just right .... vita just made every touch only "virtual control sticks" mobile game look like the shit they are ..... what reasons can the phone company's use to tempt us into buying new phones this year.

games are a huge driver, to show off the power of these things .... this year though when the phone company's roll out there new phones they will no longer be the best looking mobile games around ...

wonder if on the flip side vita actually takes the shine of phones coming this year.

i know it's made me seriously question upgrading


I have the full game... and yeah, it's pretty sweet, controls are good too. I actually can't believe the game looks that good on a portable. Don't think the demo is up yet.

Thank you. Now I have another game to get excited over. Hopefully they do some extra missions as DLC or something to keep it going too.
I forgot to mention in the last topic that the PS Mini Where Is My Heart doesn't work on the Vita currently. Hoping for an update soon to fix that.


Does anyone who has jak and daxter the lost frontier know if the game works on Vita? I want to scratch that itch and already finished Daxter.

EDIT: Never mind, just saw the IGN video review :p
Guys, please help me out on this one. I wanna buy two US Vita games ( FIFA soccer and Wipeout ). But will the content be the same and will I be able to go online on a European network?

Any word on this?


What went wrong with the 1st OT !?
EDIT: Is Ys Seven compatible !?
EDIT2: Shit shit shit, I ruiend the whole thing, I am so sorry, is there any way I can deleted this post !?
EDIT3: Nevermind, other people messed it up completely.

Haha. Post of the day!

I think a mod can fix this.


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Don't worry about it, a mod can delete the post for you. The forum software can't currently handle very large threads with more than 20,000 posts. That's why there is a part 2.

Done you have the OP in good condition now :)
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