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PS3 Owners Facing Wide-Spread Problems Downloading Games Ahead of PS Store Closure


Mod Team and Bat Team
Staff Member
Dec 5, 2017
Someone said the legacy store is old and a security risk, so got to bail ship. OK, if it's that lousy of a storefront, then just relist the games on the new storefronts which should be better. I think it was Agent X who even said a few years ago they even had all the systems listed on the modern UI, but then got rid of the old games. So they were even there at some point.

Ya this is the main point here I think that we should focus on. Of course they wont support the PS3/Vita/PSP forever, no one expects them to. But why cant you bring your digital purchases to PS4 or PS5. Is it a backwards compatibility issue? Emulation issue? Do they just want you to not have your library on new systems so they can sell it to you again? Are they afraid if they let users bring digital purchases to new systems those with discs would get pissed that PS3 discs dont work on new systems?

There are some technical issues I dont know the answers to but lets be honest, it feels like there should be some solution here.


Jan 7, 2018
You guy cannot say this closure comes without an honest warning.You had lots of time. It’s been announced more than a year ago :

See? No more ps3, no more ps2, ps1, psp and vita

You guys complain way too much 🤣


Jun 22, 2013
Canada, Québec
The best memory I have from PS3 maybe, is its launch. I really liked Warhawk and the Playstation ecosystem at that time. Unreal 3 also was very cool for its time.

It's really sad that Playstation never seemed to care about their legacy. It became such a usual habbit from them that I can't help believing they can't create anything else than disposable content. Buy , consume, trash. They just can't maintain one single intellectual property intact. They can't help but to turn everything upside down until they're not recognizable anymore.