PS3 Redesign Cover Thread

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Square Triangle said:
Holy shit, what a gorgeous cover. I bought the CE of LoS really because the standard editions cover is so fucking ugly.
I was going to do the same exact thing for the same exact reason.

I wasn't employed when the game came out so I opted for the cheaper/uglier cover version.

I'm just hoping I can some how photoshop something similar to that cover and post it here. I just need to find the time.

Or someone else can take on that challenge. :D
Just want to apologise that if anyone wanted my Singstar covers or whatever, they're lost to the ages unless someone here saved them. The originals were on my dead laptop and my web hosting got messed up so I lost all the data I had stored there. If anyone saved my stuff feel free to peroast.
much love for the rehosting, could someone put up the Demons Souls one? im assuming it's the LE cover or like it.

also, a proper Yakuza 3 would be very much appreciated too.
Kagari said:
A LBP2 one would be nice to replace the current ugly one ruined by the Move logo.
Too bad the US Move logo isn't more like in Europe versions where it's on the border along with "only on Playstation".

I'm happy to see this thread resurrected. But I wonder whatever happened to user Veritigo _X. He was doing some nice work using just original cover art but using the new logo replacing the Spider Man font.


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purple cobra said:
Too bad the US Move logo isn't more like in Europe versions where it's on the border along with "only on Playstation".
It used to be like that originally for the US :/ But they changed it at the last minute.
Thought I'd join in on the fun, thanks for the template alr1ght

I noticed one big PS3 game has gone missing from this thread so far, so....

(Click for real size(Mediafire))
Sorry, ME2 Covers are set to private for the time being, the current ones have alot of jpeg artifacts, I found some much better quality images. I will update them and make them public within the hour.

EDIT: ME2 Covers are back, now in better quality!
-PXG- said:
I love how random people on the internet can make better boxart than professionals.
I dunno about that. You have to take in account the obligatory stuff (age ratings), the business stuff (Move/Only on bars) etc.

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Square Triangle said:
Holy shit.

What's the best way of printing these? Go to a Kinko's with the file on a flash drive?
Staples has an online service where you can pay through them, set it up and go pick em up in store. Not sure what paper I should use though, have just been using premium and it seems alright.
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