PS4 back in stock at Amazon

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Guys, is EU well stocked? if so and PS4 demand is still as is. I believe Sony would sell 4 million units by Dec 31.
UK PS4 still very demand, there is no way online reserve atm.
Xbox One can advanced reserve in the most places, but some of them can pick up by hand.

Yep- they're both still selling out every batch on amazon. Xb1 has had many more batches this month. No idea about aggregate supply though.
Yeah Amazon is not a good scale for work out the supply. It seem we can see today was massive PS4 batch (way more than 2300+), not like that for while.
Sony said they expect 3m by the end of the year & 5m by march. I think if Sony can meet demand they can exceed expectation.
I think it's interesting to note that the other day Andrew House said in an interview with The Guardian that:

1)3m and 5m are just conservative figures, that's infact the minimum they expect to sell. (Clearly they don't want to disappoint investors and get bad headlines for missing targets).
2)They'll keep production at a high level after the holiday season until they can reach a well stocked situation across the world.
But what does that say about the future? PS4 seems to be in the lead at the moment and it seems to have more legs when it comes to demand.

How will Xbox make up ground?
Kinect Sports Rivals and Titanfall will secure the Easter season for them and Halo 5 and Quantum Break will give them the next holidays.
Where I live (Cologne, Germany) it's easier to spot Bigfoot than a PS4 in the wild. Still on the lookout for one for my brother.

I was at the Saturn Hnasaring on thursday to get my preordered one from august, the sales guy there told another guy that they would be getting shipments nearly every day and that he should call in when they open.

Incidentally there was a huge piles of Xbones lyring around at the store, I saw a woman almost buy a Wii U game without having one and. i also saw someone actually buying a Wii U.
The bundles are currently outselling the X1 by 3:1 on Amazon which tallies with other figures we had a while back. I'd say this IS a fair assessment of how well the PS4 is selling compared to the X1
I think he means, if Sony can produce 1 million units a month and sell them in one day and MS can produce one million a month and sell them in one month, the end result is the same: They both sell 1 million a month. However, it does show there's likely to be more demand next year for the PS4 when both companies have to assess how many to produce to meet post Christmas demand. At the moment it's Sony's to lose.
So the standalone PS4, Killzone bundle and Battlefield bundle all overtook and sold out before the X1 standalone.

edit: LOL ... you beat me to it.
Confirmed: God is a Sony fanboy too :)
Nope, just you. The thing is I actually agree with you, the PS4 is doing better and I am very pleased Sony learned from their mistakes with the PS3. The difference is your attitude towards the X1 and how often people like you feel the need to portray them as direct competitors. That somehow it must lead to choosing a side.
almost 1900k ps4 sold and stock limited while 250 xb1 found buyer and still in stock


Guess you missed my fact post. PS4 this month was available at Amazon on Dec. 5, 12, 20. Xbox one has been available pretty much every other day throughout the month. Those who wanted to purchase an Xbox one from Amazon have had ample opportunity to do so, whether its because MS had more supply or it was selling slow its been available to purchase more often. XB1 has also been Amazon #1 seller the majority of the month. If you wanted a PS4 from Amazon there was only three days this month it was available.
Amazon listing says "In stock on December 28,2013". I almost jumped on this one but I thought it better to wait for Destiny beta at least. If I hadn't heard so much bad about Battlefield though...
I see the PS4 is back in stock.
It appears that it is, but if you go to add it you get:

Important messages about items in your Cart:
We're sorry. The item PlayStation 4 is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.
And other sellers start at $650.00

EDIT: and now it just says "available from these sellers:"
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