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PS4 firmware 4.50 and PSVR 2.40 releases March 9th


I've talked now with Sony Italian Assistance,they told me fw 4.50 will be available from 9 March.


So I emailed playstation support about image drift problems that I'm still having. I briefly asked at the end on the email if 2.40 would fix this.
While their reply gave a list of things to try they ended it by saying,
"With the release of System Software 4.50 tomorrow, there will be a patch to version 2.40 of the PS VR firmware. I do not have specifics on what the patch contains, outside of support for 3D Blu-Rays."
I'm not expecting the update to fix it but looks like we can look forward to it sooner rather than later :)


Expect an official Sony announcement in a few hours

There was no beta update in the past week (we've been on Beta 4 for two weeks now)
Oh man I hope this is true I can't wait to activate boost mode on my Pro. Was also looking forward to adding an 4tb external drive too but the stutter issues with games played off the external drive is putting me off. Anyone know if a fix is coming for this issue?
*Patch enables HDR passthrough on PSVR Breakout Box*... I fucking wish.

Should be receiving my 4TB external this week, so the timing isn't too bad.


Wonder if they fixed the external HDD issues? But great news! Boost mode has been a God send since I started to play The Witcher. That locked experience. In fact every single one of my games has been locked since it.

This is your time to play AC Unity people, it's a whole new world.


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Great news, hope Beast mode is upfront and present.

Hoping they make it more prominent. It's buried in the system settings in the Beta so not surprised if a lot of people outright missed it.


So with the release of 4.50, what are the most highly recommended external drives to use with your PS4 Pro cause I'm in the market for one now!


Sweet. I feel like the only Pro owner who didn't get in on that beta.

Looking forward to boost mode.
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