PS4 full page advert in UK newspaper, "Coming 2013"

My artists impression on the stand in Tesco haha (would have been quicker to take a photo but didn't have my phone on me) :p

It had Killzone, Knack, DriveClub and Infamous, but I can't remember what the other 2 games were or if they were doubled up! I liked the beam coming from the controller light.

The XBone stand in comparison was just a boring green standee with the pre-order now box.
we're going beyond the cloud and straight into space. :)


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I don't know, something tells me Kaz is done with Top Gear. Seems the BBC have a deal with Forza - I see tons of Forza promotions posts by Top Gear on Facebook. Also, Clarkson is too obnoxious and arrogant.
Kaz won't appear on Top Gear because he doesn't speak English. Kaz and the Top Gear guys have met but unfortunately nobody will ever get to see the pictures thanks to Clarkson's T-shirt.
Yep. They will keep the hype machine for E3 but will definitely be showing something tomorrow, IMO.
I imagine it'll either be game footage or it'll be "inspirational" like the double life commercial.

Doubt anything to do with the box will be shown that we didn't already see in those teasers.


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CL Final is tomorrow. Sony will be smart to plaster PS4 all over the billboards on the touch line.
They could even roll first PS4 commercials during ad breaks. CL final is golden opportunity, there will be hundreds of millions watching this game around the world, even if two German clubs are playing