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PS5 Spiderman Remastered Now Available As $40 Standalone Purchase


Dec 14, 2020
You can't argue for something to be "very much worth the price" then use discounts in the very next sentence as a supporting argument lol.
I'm not arguing. 40$ is worth the price and it's a fact. All DLC are included, updated graphics, stable framerate et cetera. They should have made a heavy discount for those who have the original, though.
As for the discounts, just mentioning that the price will go down eventually.

Also I don't see the game on the store, so this seems like it was a mistake. I'm sure they'll sell the game separately at some point but it's too early. Same thing happened with CoD Modern Warfare Remastered.
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Nov 9, 2016
I bet it will be $20 soon.
Right now they want to entice people who wants to buy Miles Morales but haven't played the first one so they see it is a better deal.

I say, in one month tops, it will be $20.