PSO2 Alpha 2 Raffle Registration Open



The Japanese version, of course.

You can register here and pray for your luck. The registration itself is open until 17.01.2012. The testing is supposed to start near the end of January 2012.

If you've registered for the PSO Magazine some time ago, you don't have to do anything.
People who took part in the first alpha test will be accepted automatically.

One more thing - people who get at least 1 character to level 10 during the second alpha test, will be invited to the closed beta.
As much as I want this game in my life, I think I'll wait for either open beta or full release. I don't fancy being in the early stages.
ファンタシースターオンライン2 α2テストの参加申し込み手続きが完了しました。
Time to wait warmly.
god, i cannot wait to play this in english. it will become my MMO of choice.

the first PSO brought me so many years of joy and gaming memories. nothing has really replaced it, even WoW.