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Raiders of the Broken Planet (MercurySteam, PC/XB1/PS4 - asymmetric adventure)

MercurySteam anounces Raiders of the Broken Planet for PC.

Beta Sign-up




PS4 and Xbox 1 as well

David Cox said it on twitter

It's an "online multiplayer asymmetric adventure",whatever that is.

It's coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and according to Dave it will have a single player campaign.
Here his tweet


Coming to PS4/ONE/PC. Digital only. Published by MercurySteam.





From the press release.

In the Lira Constellation, light years from Earth lies a Broken Planet. Long ago, its inhabitants discovered a powerful ability enhancing substance called Aleph. Today, this Broken Planet is home to the entire Universe’s intergalactic scum and criminal lowlife. All are here to wrest control of the Aleph and thereby control the Universe.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a Multiplayer Online Asymmetric Adventure: Fight the invaders teaming up with other Raiders, or turn the tables and storm into battle with those invaders fighting at your side!

With its distinctive blend of shooting, brawling and thinking man’s strategy, Raiders of the Broken Planet is a mouth watering proposition to gamers looking for an immersive, cinematic story coupled with intense and epic action.

MercurySteam is also announcing that it will be self-publishing the game as an independent for the first time. The powerful story driven narrative will be delivered episodically, with each part selling at an extremely low and attractive price point. A company spokesman commented “We saw an exciting opportunity with this title to take advantage of digital distribution and offer the game at a much lower entry point than would otherwise have been possible. This model also allows us to work closely with gamers to create something that they can help shape too.”

With this in mind, the company is planning multiple beta programs where players can get in early and help drive the games development. The new teaser site launched today allows players eager to get involved to sign up for the forthcoming beta program and find out the latest information on the games development.

Coming later this year.
It's coming to PS4 and Xbox One too, I'm told by someone close to the studio.

In any case, disappointing. I was looking forward to a new Mercurysteam game.


When they use this tags "#epic #adventure #multiplayer" you expect something like Borderlands?
But 3v1. sounds more like Evolve...


Well, after their last 2 Castlevanias single player stuff is clearly not their thing.

So mabye they are good at mp?
Hobby grade esports geared 3 v 1 with lots of cool and shiny microtransactions to make the customers feel special.

I can already see it winning lots of e3 awards !!!!!!
This is satire, right? Why so much negativity for a game we know absolutely nothing about?

But the artwork looks *searches GAF thesaurus* generic and also I heard someone once say Evolve wasn't all that great so it's going to be awful and MercurySteam will be dissolved before the day's out.
Multiplayer is disappointing, considering I very much enjoyed Lord of Shadows 1. Well, I will wait to see more.

Wait, it will have a singleplayer campaign? Hopefully with a proper narrative like their previous games. If so, interested.
I'm not seeing where this 3 vs 1 information is coming from, it look's more like another body to throw on the hero shooter pile from the artwork.


Terrible game. I've not played it but having seen 2 pictures I know it's definitely a terrible game.

Exactly, so much negativity these days. Doubt most of the people harping on about asymmetrical multiplayer being shit even bothered to play Evolve, Evolve's problems weren't in the premise of the game, it was a blast when it went smoothly.

Oh so the 3 v 1 shit is just made up? Good job guys.


So, it was just people assuming? People were saying it with such conviction in the other thread I thought it was mentioned or announced somewhere. I'm on phone so couldn't even check. Fucking great.

Yes, I myself wouldn't have made a thread with 3 vs 1 in the title, as it really is based on nothing but observing the art


It looks quite nice and the concept art shows some promise but I'm not interested in this type of game, so pass.
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