Rebecca Black & Dave Days cover of Rihanna's "Stay"

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Rebecca Black Takes Vocal Lessons, Covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

Perhaps we have not heard much from Rebecca Black since her song “Friday” went viral back in 2011 but don’t worry — she is back with something new.

Ms. Black, alongside fellow YouTube personality Dave Days, covers Rihanna’s “Stay,” featuring Mikky Ekko. The video was uploaded on Thursday afternoon (Apr 18) and is already spreading across the web.

From Rebecca’s cover, one thing I must admit is that her voice has gone through some changes and it sounding better than ever! Frankly, anything sounds better than that cacophonous ”Friday,” butI really think she sounds…good.

Clearly, Rebecca has invested in some type of vocal lessons and I’d say it was money well-spent. I think she actually sounds pretty close to Rihanna. :)

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That actually wasn't too bad. Possibly edited heavily?

Either way, that guy playing the guitar definitely giving off the creeper vibe.
People were way too vicious to her for a thirteen year old girl or however old she was when she released Friday. I feel bad for how badly she was bullied.

She may have a long way to go, but it shows what hard work does because this cover is miles better than what she did before. Great she had the confidence to stick with what she liked doing. :)
This girl went to school with my niece and the were in choir together in middle school. She has a good voice and was apparently a very nice person. Shame she had to drop out of public school because of the ordeal. People tend to forget when making fun of her that she was very young and vulnerable and it probably scarred her deeply. Hopefully she can get a real career out of it one day.
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