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Well, it's a good game. A big game. There's a lot to talk about.

Should I watch? I don't want to spoil myself on big stuff since I don't have one yet, but I've also already been watching the Grumps and ProJared play it so I'm conflicted. I can't resist. I still haven't even spoiled myself on Skyward Sword. I'll finish that one day I swear...
I haven't played BotW yet, but I would say Jack and Rich drifted into spoiler territory, by talking at-length about in-game experiences, and by talking about what little plot the game apparently has.

TLDR: They loved it.

Jack powered through to the end and it took him 60 hours, but it felt like 30, he was that absorbed in the game. Rich wandered around, and still hasn't beaten the game or finished wandering yet, and it took him 120 hours but it felt like he was playing for 60. Rich has been looking under every rock, and while Jack ran past those rocks, Jack has still seen things in those areas that Rich didn't find. The game is incredibly huge, while at the same time it's incredibly dense, with tremendous variety and creativity.

Jack didn't like how in a "do anything" game, the weapon fragility system actively prevents you from hack-and-slashing Legend of Zelda-style. Rich liked how it forces you to adapt to new and ever-changing playstyles. Also, you can farm more weapons if you're willing to tediously grind. Both of them disliked how there's no information about how durable/fragile your weapon is, nor how much life it has left in it. Both of them agreed that the weapon fragility system needed to be at least 50% more forgiving.

Jack and Rich both disliked the "rain" game mechanic. Basically, when it rains, you can't climb. You're forced to walk the safer route, rather than climb the shortcut. But in a "do anything" game, if you wanted to take the scenic route, you would take the scenic route. The game shouldn't be forcing you to explore it's many options. If it rains while Jack is climbing, he just puts the controller down and waits for the rain to stop, which takes him out of the game.

Jack also disliked cooking. It's a tedious semi-forced non-intuitive minigame which takes him out of the main game.

The music might be the least impressive music in a Zelda game ever, because since you could be doing anything, the game has no idea what you're feeling at any given time, so the music is just background ambience. If you want Skyward Sword music, just buy the Skyward Sword soundtrack and listen to it with headphones while playing BotW (missed opportunity for a three-pairs-of-headphones Nintendo's online strategy joke).

BotW is the anti-Skyward Sword. Minor complaints aside, BotW is game of the year material.
BotW looks really great, should look into getting a switch.
I would get a refurbished (aka: brand new) Wii U from Nintendo's online store, and explore Wii U's great library while you still can, while waiting for a "revision 2" Switch that works out the launch kinks.

BotW is supposed to be virtually identical across both platforms (exact same game, running at 720p with occasional framedrops on Wii U, and 900p with occasional framedrops on Switch).


will gain confidence one day
Yeah, a few years ago back in the "Jesse" days when they started PreRec. Now whenever Jay and Mike are there during one of the streams, Mike seems to avoid going into the stream room altogether.
I can't speak for him obvs, but I think if I was in his place I wouldn't feel like I had anything to add to the stream so there's no need for me to inject myself into it.