Resident Evil 2 Remake is terrifying at times and maybe the best RE yet (Spoilers from the OP)

Nov 15, 2017
Jesus H Christ, for the fucking life of me I cannot finish the 4th Survivor. Just when I feel like I'm making more progress I get wasted. Just cannot get past the last horde before the main gates.

4th Survivor aside I've just finished my fourth play through (Leon A, Claire B > Claire A, Leon B) and I cannot describe how tense the whole ordeal has been. Dark room, curtains closed, top quality headset on my heart feels like this game is a heart attack simulator. If I'm not shouting 'Where the fuck did that come from!?' the lesson has been well learnt from Alien Isolation, Silent Hill and previous RE titles, that sound design and atmosphere can really amplify a horror experience. At times I struggled to bring myself to leave a room. My friends would laugh to see me play this game but if you wholly invest yourself then you'll likely shit yourself too. I walk around every unknown corner with the shotgun or grenade launcher waiting with baited breath to see if there's another fucking licker on the other side, then go and hide in the save room and weep whilst I listen to the thundering footsteps patrolling the corridors, doors violently being swung open and grunts of disappointment that there was nobody inside. I am positive this game is going to give me a stroke or worse. I jumped the other night and smacked my big toe off the corner of my coffee table.

Took a chunk right out of the end. :messenger_sad_relieved:

Anywho... I have to say, this game is a real feat of design and proof that a series can embrace it's roots and still be modern and enjoyable. A game of the year contender for sure.

I am a little disappointed in how they have changed Annette and William as characters, Claire feels a little bit generic but Leon is a huge improvement. Marvin Branaugh... take a bow sir. They really go his character justice.

I actually feel like this is the best Resident Evil yet and I hold out for hope that they revisit Outbreak at some point. A remake like this one would be immense.
Feb 6, 2012
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The 4th Survivor in RE2make isn't so bad. I almost made it to the final room on my first try. They give you so much ammo and health that you can more or less brute force your way through it. And you're right, the final area is the biggest challenge.

I found the original 4th Survivor much tougher.
Dec 2, 2010
I can't say anything definitive since I'm still waiting for my friend to have some free time to go through Leon's B game. After playing Claire A on Hardcore a gazillion times though I'm not sure if I'd put that much ahead of the original RE2. If that ends up being the case then the remake ends being my 6th favorite RE title at best. It's still way ahead of everything from 4 and on for sure.


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Mar 22, 2017
I finally finished Leon A in hardcore and loved it! This the type of survival horror I wanted for long time, the first Evil Within came close but RE2Remake was so much better.