Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360 vs PS3 Demos Comparison


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Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360 vs. PS3

-->> PS3 Version shots shown first, then Xbox 360's. <<---

Full Size Captures:

It seems that the AA applied on the PS3 version doesn't favor the game in this case (unlike GTA IV) Aside from that, it seems that there's much more facial detail in the Xbox 360 version. The clearest example is in the picture of the guy with the megaphone.

For Full Sized Screens Click Here (And select "original size")

Edit: Full Size Pictures Added.
LiquidMetal14 said:
Dot already did this. Do we need a dedicated fanboy banter fest?

If the existance of this thread keeps this crap out of the coming RE5 official thread I'm for it. The DMC4 thread was unbearable for several days when the demos launched, I;d rather not have to avoid the official thread for several days.


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I believe this is the most dramatic difference:


Xbox 360:

(Open both in separated tabs in explorer and then switch from one to the other)

Much more detail, sharper textures... I'd say better lightning too.
Typical multiplatform stuff.

Softer image on the PS3. Detail and textures are probably the same, although the image rendering is most likely fooling someone into thinking the textures are worse.
pakkit said:
I don't get the point of this thread, or any graphics comparison threads unless there is an actual difference viewable.
People want to justify their purchases to themselves. Classic consumer behaviour.


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Look virtually identical, with the 360 having tad sharper textures. Is the framerate the same on both? That's all that really matters when they look so similar.
Looks about the same to me... sucks to be the guy at Eurogamer who has to play through, record and find the exact same shot for the comparison. He's doing a great job... but he's just feeding the idiotic fan boy banter and he must know it... and it's eating away at his soul. Or something. :lol


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in this case I actually like the softer look on the game.. it gives it a more cinematic feel.. definitely see the sharper images on the 360, but it really doesn't matter. almost looks more stylistically limited than one that doesn't look as powerful as the other type thing..

who knows. but I'm still grabbing it for the PS3.
360 version looks sharper but this is usually the case whenever i see PS3 vs 360 screens for these multiplatform titles. i'm not sure why that is.
Going to be a fun a thread in some hours.

Before the crazy people come, yes, looks like the classical rendering difference between both, with 360 offering a crisper image. As far as there is no differences with framerates or resolutions, is not a big deal.

And for the ones saying is a waste of time.. it´s not, I see your point and I'm agree but Eurogamer want the hits and this offers a lot of that. Blame the gamer, not the medium who offer what they want.
I've got both the RE5 demos, and they look pretty nice.

The 360 version has got sharper image quality, but that's because it's running basic 2x AA. The PS3 version is using 2x Quincunx AA, which is like having 4xAA for half the resources, but it blurs everything noticeably because of the way Quincunx AA samples each pixel. The texture quality on both games is exactly the same.

The 360 version has a noticeable green tint to everything, whereas the PS3 version has a more balanced contrast. As far as glitches, the 360 version has tearing during quick camera movements (cutscenes, etc.) and the PS3 one, very rarely, has slowdown when you get mobbed by zombies.
Why is the PS3 version more blurry than the 360?
It's not much but it's noticeable, don't see any reason why they shouldn't be identical graphically.
OP, did you take these with component?

Lord Phol said:
Why is the PS3 version more blurry than the 360?
It's not much but it's noticeable, don't see any reason why they shoudnd't be identical graphically.
Quinix AA.
PS3 looks more blury. I played it on a 51" with a distance about 3 meter. It looked good. It was not mind blowing but it was ok. Only negative point i noticed were the shadows on Chris body, the flickered.
Dot50Cal said:
Yes, I know, its in the OP. It doesn't say what he took it with. If it was component and you combine that with Quinix AA, it would show a hell of a lot more blur than what you'd get with HDMI. PS3's analog out is horrible.
I'm running the 360 through VGA and the PS3 through HDMI and the 360 is still a lot sharper looking.

The QAA really blurs the crap out of everything.