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Retro-Bit's officially licensed (wireless and wired) Genesis/MD and Saturn controllers coming in November

Mecha Meow

Jan 26, 2018
Waited so long for the twinstick version that I already have the 8bitdo SN30pro and the better version with handles.

At this point, now I'm just waiting for a twinstick version of the 8bitdo Genesis pad.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Jan 30, 2010
About the "bad batch"; when I bought mine on Amazon, I noticed some were called "old version" while others (the one I got) are called "Model 2". Sure enough, quite a few reviews for the former mention the d-pad breaking, or buttons getting stuck, while none do for the "Model 2" controllers.

Anyway, for mine, so far so good. The cord is really too long though...
I see the Model 2s now but on amazon uk/us for example they only have reviews since October, not enough time to break any perhaps. Plus, the Saturn itself had a "Model 2" so without any information/confirmation/whatever from Retro-bit itself it's confusing and hard to judge anything.

Plus it goes against the "bad batch" stuff if they actually had to do a revision to fix these issues. But regardless they should acknowledge it and do something for people who got stuff that broke way too soon. Mine was just out of the 6 month period only cos I didn't use it much at times.
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