Roleplaying in games - are you yourself or somebody else?

When playing an RPG I'm...

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Oct 9, 2007
Most often someone else. Sometimes I'll also try and weave in some backstory when I've got idle time and I'm not playing, like when driving to the store. I imagine my character having conversations with other NPCs at an inn describing where they came from (if they can remember) and filling in their beliefs. Like others, I do tend to play a fairly honest person who makes moral decisions, but occasionally I'll veer from that if it fits my character's personality. This is especially true in high fantasy games Elder Scrolls and similar nameless protagonist WRPGs. Etrian Odyssey was great for this too since I could throw in the backstory for the entire guild. That was more fun for me than the actual gameplay.

I rarely think up those kind of backstories in modern setting games like Pokemon. Hmm...maybe I should weave in some backstory in my Ultra Moon play through, but it's a little harder to think up much for such a young child protagonist.
Apr 28, 2017
I'm definitely someone else. I usually always try to be the bad guy because it's usually hilarious and I can't act that way in the real world. Needless to say with this line of thought KOTOR and Mass Effect were super fun.

Little off topic, That's why I loved Killgrave from Jessica Jones so much. He was a literal personification of my RPG characters. lol
Feb 5, 2009
In the past I would try to play me, even naming established characters like me. But then I realized that was limiting , specially in games where you create the character and you have multiple options.

So now I try to create a handsome guy with a different personality than mine, proabably with only the personality traits that I don't like about me so I can see how that character would be like, still it's hard to be evil though.