Romero on Twitter: 'I Have Plans for Old-School FPS'

Apparently the last game he designed, Ravenwood Fair, had 25 Million players.

So he's still around, not entirely irrelevant.
However as with all Facebook games he only made money off 3 % of those players. A Facebook game with 25 million players is not a success story.

I don't need an oldschool FPS by Romero. He never was a good designer. He was a great level designer at a time where you didn't need a degree in architecture to make an impact, that's it. And it would probably be an iOS game anyway.
Call me a cynic, but I've never seen a Romero designed game that doesn't blow chunks. And no Doom doesn't count - that was an iD production and I've never been able to tell whether he was responsible for game design there. Or just level design.


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John Romero's about to make a game that no one will care about.

Wow, this could be amazing.

No mouselook, open, exploration-focused level design, 3D environment but 2D enemies, health & armour pickups, no reloads, more than two weapons allowed, manual saves during levels, optional Doom/Duke style autoaim and secrets, secrets, secrets!

I wouldn't have thought there would be much demand for an "old school" FPS.
Didn't duke nukem forever prove how undesirable they are?
There was nothing truly "oldschool" about DNF. It resembled a dated attempt at a Half-Life style scripted shooter that was "dated" insomuch that it was primitively designed. Closed, linear levels, no exploration, no multiple weapons.
I wouldn't have thought there would be much demand for an "old school" FPS.
Didn't duke nukem forever prove how undesirable they are?
DNF wasn't really a full on old school fps. It had health regen, two wpn slots (two more slots were added on pc), mostly linear levels and so on. It sold pretty well also.
Done right a real old school fps could be really good, i knew plenty of people that loved wolfenstein and doom that really couldnt give a shit about call of duty and other modern shooters, hell even my dad liked doom


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I have a renewed obsession with Doom 1 due to the amazing Brutal Doom mod, so this news makes me happy.

Check out Brutal Doom if you're a fan of Doom and haven't seen it already:

I'm not a fan of the FPS genre in the modern era, so it's surprised me how much fun I'm having playing back through Doom 1, 2 and Hexen with modern mods. Perhaps I just like the maze-like levels more than the point-to-point corridor wack-a-mole level designs we get now.
I think he had enough time to make come back to the FPS scene. This could backfire but consider me interested. He's probably the last person left that remembers what it's like to create an old school FPS (sorry Carmack.)