Rovio/Sony Attempting Fix For Angry Birds PSN Minis Version

Sorry. But I don't understand the OP. Besides the store description what is different here?

edit: Are you saying you don't get the updated version if you redownload?

2nd edit: And Rovio is now working with Sony so those who purchased the original version also gets the updated one. Crisis averted.

All caught up now.
That sucks, as I bought the previous version.

Angry Birds doesn't work well on the PS3? Even though I have it, I've never played it on my PS3, only my PSP (and it's seemed to work pretty well on that platform).
MikeE21286 said:
Angry Birds doesn't work well on the PS3? Even though I have it, I've never played it on my PS3, only my PSP (and it's seemed to work pretty well on that platform).
Angry Birds on PS3 is just fine. On the PSP, it is not as smooth. (My experience.)
Sweet, good to see that my copy will get patched. I couldn't believe how shitty it ran (though, I was playing on PSP). It was $2, so I've spent much more on a dud, but this was a dud that I was unhappy with.
PetriRMD said:
FWIF, this is completely unintentional. The title was moved from Chillingo over to us (Rovio) some time back. These kinds of handovers don't happen that often in PSN, so it's a bit of an unusual situation (and the title ID got changed during the handover so the new version doesn't show up as a patch).

We're currently looking into how to fix this and get the updated version to the people who have bought the game.
If that is the case here, then I applaud your effort to resolve this problem. Thank you for hearing us out, and please keep us posted on any updates!
Hey guys do your old saves work with the new updated version?

And should I bother waiting for the update? My girlfriend loves this game and the framerate drops really hurt the ability to play it.
Imagine that! When this happened, I figured that was the end of the corporate interest no matter what fans said, but kudos to them for attempting to work this out. I can actually understand the logistics and appreciate that it's more difficult than it sounds (as Stumpokapow said) to simply issue a credit or transfer the license... I just didn't have much faith that they'd actually care to try.

The_Technomancer said:
And people overreact again.
It is true that the internet is as friendly as a pirhanna's mouth, but sometimes I'd rather people overreacted and got a response than didn't react at all. If there were a safe and sane way to communicate with companies our wishes and complaints then that'd be ideal, but because of legal and manpower and best-interest issues, that avenue is often not open. So if a few people obnoxiously losing their minds can actually in the end make for a happier situation for others, the end result may be worth it. I sure thought people were being silly over the whole RE:Mercenaries save erase issue, but my statement of "Next time please make sure to take care of saves" probably got less attention at Capcom than the guy next to me screaming, "U FUKING IDIOTZ WHY CANT I ERASE SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT BUYING! DICK!!!!"
Lagspike_exe said:
Did they fix the framerate? Not that I care anyway, I had enough of Angry Birds on iOS/Android and I find the entire franchise highly overrated. There are much better timekilling puzzle games on both platforms.
did they fix the what..? Angry Birds on PS3 had framerate issues?


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Ramune said:
There's a little known way of updating a title on PSP and PS3 involving highlighting the game in question and then pressing triangle to bring up a submenu of options. One of which is "Update". Only games I've known to do this PSP wise are the DJ Max games. Maybe Angry Birds can update this way too? Although the more user friendly way WOULD be to update PSN.
There have been a number of Minis with updates, but for whatever reason, updating like that doesn't work, you need to delete it and download the new version.

Of course, the trick is knowing that a new version has been released. Most Minis companies are quite talkative, but things like that aren't really reported beyond niche sites...


Ok, we're a few weeks on and no update that I'm aware of. Anyone know any news on this?

I'd hate to think they said "we'll do our best" just to calm the furor and then let it drop.
That's good news, although it's a bit of a mixed bag, since apparently the revised version still exhibits performance issues on the later levels (just not as severe as the earlier versions of the game). While even a moderate improvement is better than no improvement, the problem is that the new version is incompatible with the earlier versions' game saves. Since I've already invested a fair amount of time making progress in the game over the last few months, I'm not really sure that I want to bother contacting customer service to get the update, if it just means I'll have to start all over anyway.
Disgustingly shady, but then again, considering that the same developer corrupted their own game with the F2P style "Mighty Eagle", it's not surprising.

Ignoring the fact that they shouldn't have released the game in that broken state to begin with, they should allow people who already own the game to upgrade for free.

At least there's a fixed version I guess.

Edit: Oh, didn't notice how old this thread was.

V_Ben said:
Guess what everybody! There's news on this!

They can't replace the version directly, but sony can give all you previous purchasers a code for the updated one. :)
At least Sony are giving the existing owners a work around solution (no thanks to Rovio)
How timely. I was just contemplating picking this up so my girlfriend could play it on her big screen, but the performance issues of the original version made me balk.

Perhaps I will become part of the problem and buy this game.


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The first game was a different company's product which can't just be commandeered by Rovio; of course it had to be republished.

A Vita version would run fine because that's actually a well designed piece of hardware, a first for a console company since SEGA was still in the game.
I'm glad they fixed it, but this game isn't even worth sending an E-mail over. I'd probably re-download if it was an automatic process but I'll just be content with deleting the original waste of $2 and forgetting this game exists instead.


Agent X said:
What are the details?
Just what they said about it. Not a big deal. Total time to respond was 48 hours, but that included most of Labor Day...
Response Via Email (Person X) 09/07/2011 11:46 AM
Hello FirstName,

For the upgrade for Angry Birds,

Your code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Redemption Instructions:
1. Open a Master account on the PLAYSTATION(R)Network (or use an existing Master existing)
2. From the PLAYSTATION(R)Network Icon on the XMB, select Account Management
3. Enter Transaction Management
4. Select Redeem PLAYSTATION(R)Network Card or Promotional Code

Please view this email on a PC to view the voucher code. Some mobile devices may show the voucher code as invisible.

This code can be used only once so it cannot be used again.

Just an additionally reminder: Please make sure your account is opted in for promotion and marketing emails as this is the way you will receive notices and voucher codes in the future. Disregard this reminder if you already are opted in.

The following Knowledge Center article(s) may help resolve your problem in the future

Article Title: Opt-in / opt-out of mailing list
Article Link:

However, if you are opted in on the account, disregard this note.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call our Consumer Services Department at (800) 345-7669. Our representatives are available to assist you Monday through Saturday 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., and Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

Person X
Person X was the first name and last initial of the customer service rep. FirstName was my first name.