RTTP: Fallout 3 (Xbox One X enhancements coming 11/7)

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Jul 26, 2007

With the upcoming enhancements coming to this game when the Xbox One X, I figured now is as good a time as any to revisit this game. It's probably my favorite game of all time.

First, the enhancements:

*higher resolution
*9X the original pixel count
*expanded color details, 10 bit color depth
*possible frame rate increases

All welcome improvements. Now back to the actual game:

Always loved the setting of FO3. The exploration was great and there were some really interesting locations/side quests associated with them.

The Dunwich Building and the The Dark Heart of Blackhall quest was one of the more memorable ones:

It was in the Point Lookout DLC, which itself was a pretty solid expansion. The swamp location, new enemies, weird quests all made that DLC pretty fresh compared to the rest of the game.

That's not to say the game was perfect. Gamebryo is obviously a garbage game engine. There was a wide assortment of glitches and bugs that really fucked things up sometimes. Save file corruptions, companions getting lost or stuck, crashes, you name it.

The worst though was when the game would spawn monsters in places and times you wouldn't be expecting. The game really tried to fuck you when it did that.

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