Rumor: 3DS to get right analog stick dongle, relaunch 2012 w/ new name [Updated]


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Update 2:

The second analog stick is confirmed. Details here:


Not fully confirmed yet, but:

AndriaSang said:
3DS Monster Hunter and Slide Pad Expansion in This Week's Famitsu
Posted on 09.07.2011 at 11:17, by Anoop Gantayat

This isn't exactly confirmed yet, but our usual flying get leak sources are saying that Famitsu has a first look this week at Monster Hunter 3G, a 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series. The 3DS title has been highly rumored, so this wouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Famitsu also has details on a new first party Nintendo peripheral that expands the 3DS with a second slide pad. This attaches next to the system's face buttons.

We'll hopefully have glorious confirmation or shameful debunkment (or possibly a bit of each!) a bit.


New thread for new news. Thanks to _Adoru_ for the heads up.

From the same French site that leaked Project Cafe (Wii U) first, 01net.

We are lucky to count among our –mostly anonymous - sources several foreign correspondants, some of them at key positions in the global gaming industry. We owe them, among other things, our early coverage of the Playstation Vita and Wii U hardware. One of them, who happens to be one of the very few Nintendo employees to dare break the code of silence, recently gave us a sobering account of the state of affairs inside the Big N structure.

More than any other sector, beit the music, motion picture, luxury or automotive industry, gaming is synonymous with emotional attachment to brands, devices and companies. And among all studios, publishers and makers, Nintendo enjoys by far the most sincere and dedicated following. Its logo, its many characters and IPs, its leading figures, like Shigeru Miyamoto, are the object of passionate scrutiny all around the world.

01net. writers are true Nintendo fans. One of us, William Audureau, recently published one of the most careful studies ever about the company’s most celebrated character (in French only so far). Our source has lived for, and eventually thanks to Nintendo, for most of his/her life. What s/he told us sounds like a wake-up call, inspired by the many troubles threatening the institution to which s/he has dedicated his/her life. For the same reasons, we decided to publish this information, as a five-part series running all week.

Part 1/5
3DS: the early bird who couldn’t catch the worm

We have known for a long time that the 3DS had been launched early to undercut the mobile industry, and the upcoming next-gen Playstation Portable. But this rushed release, probably partially responsible for its technical limitations and a disappointing battery life (when compared to past performance), will eventually have much graver and far-ranging consequences.

Ooops… I think we forgot something
It’s a mistake beyond belief, but Nintendo honchos finally had to admit, after the 3DS went through the mass production and release stage, that they had made a terrible omission: a right analog stick was a requirement to provide a superior gaming experience. According to our source, right as you read those lines, Nintendo engineers are spending many sleepless nights working on an additional device, which should be sold separately for about 10 dollars. Its shape and fixation mechanism are still unknown, but it needs a tight grip on the right part of the console. Will it have to be removed everytime you want to close the 3DS?

Feeling the pressure
Very recently, Nintendo asked a select group of developers to create titles specifically designed for two analog controls… even if that will entail an additional cost of 10 dollars per console to be played on currently available hardware. Although such noises rarely if ever reach the higher strata of the company, most Nintendo employees working with third-party developers are indeed feeling the heat, as disgruntled studios and publishers become more vocal in their disappointment.

Developers stand in line
Third-party support is key to the 3DS’s potentiel success. Only they can enrich the software line-up, suffering so far from a relatively low volume of fresh titles, which makes Nintendo’s ongoing policy towards developers all the less coherent. The submission and approval process is described as very costly, time-consuming and often arbitrary in nature. Worse even, dev kits are still extremely scarce. Although no longer produced by Intelligent Systems – Nintendo’s hardware R&D arm – but outsourced to Tokyo Electric and Marubeni, dev kits are still produced at a ridiculously slow pace (300 units per month), and sold for a hefty price. As a consequence, even six months after the release, the waiting lists are getting more crowded, and many studios are still waiting for a chance to develop on the 3DS. This erratic situation is described by our source as a good example of serious management mishaps inside the Big N, that act as an impediment to developer relations and hardware adoption by consumers.

What you can’t see…
According to our source, Nintendo is well aware that it has so far failed to convince the public that its 3D display technology was harmless. Many parents are refraining from buying the console for fear of adverse effects to their children’s eyesight. This innovative “glasses-free” 3D display technology, the console’s main selling point, could well prove a major stumbling block. The advertising issue, despite a vast deployment of demo units at the point of sale level, remains: how do you sell something you can’t show? In the wake of the early price-slashing and “3DS ambassadors” (20 free VC games) program announcements, Iwata’s welcoming of 2D (totally free of 3D content) games on the platform smells like capitulation.

This information corroborates several elements we obtained very recently from various sources. According to them, Nintendo is currently preparing a new 3DS for a 2012 release. This new version would radically tone down the whole “3D“ angle, with a new design and even probably a different name. In that perspective, the radical price-slashing, touted as a measure to boost sales, would also be a way to liquidate current stocks to make way for the sucessor…

There’s a war raging on out there…
Some of the problems alluded to by our source could find a happy resolution, but let’s not forget the unrelentless assaults from the mobile industry, with its breathtaking race to the heights of computing power. Phone makers, like LG with its Optimus 3D smartphone, are even coming up with their own “glasses-free” 3D displays. If John Carmack’s predictions – of smartphones outgunning current last-gen home consoles in “a very short time” – ever came true, the 3DS’s future could seem bleak at best… but let’s not forget there’s always the next brand new Pokémon around the corner!

Copyright 01net – 2011
Read the original article in French here.​

My speculation:

Andrex said:
Crude mockup.

I'm going with the clip-on/slide-on angle.
Andrex said:
I think it's more believable that this source has his facts wrong a little. Nintendo may be developing an analog stick add-on for the 3DS but it may be for internal use only, for devkits and such (as the article points out, there are very few devkits out there.) I think it's more likely Nintendo is going to launch a new 3DS with an integrated second circle pad.

That's if these rumors have a shred of truth, which I'm not convinced they do.
If they relaunch it with an extra circle pad, I'm going to be so fucking pissed off. No amount of free games would placate me.

On that note, odds are 99% it's bull.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
lunchwithyuzo said:
Reminds me of all the "Gameboy Next" talk in 2005. Nintendo releasing a weaker Vita next year isn't going to happen...
...It's unbelievable.
History REALLY repeat itself.
I'm never going to buy first-gen hardware ever again, especially for handhelds. The 3DS launch is one of the worst in history. 6 months after launch they decide that hey, maybe people like dual analog for camera control in 3D games. Unbelievable.
If this is true I am never buying another piece of Nintendo hardware ever again. Cut the price less than six months after launch, have 0 major games within the first six months, release considerably better update next year? Fuck you.
No way, absolutely no way. The 3DS's problems can be summed up as:

1. No Games
2. Too Expensive (until the recent price drop)
3. Possibly seen as not enough of an upgrade over the DS line/consumer confusion
lol all this damage control and price cuts time to realize you may need some games soon.They seriously should have waited an extra year till it was ready to lauch with better stuff.
I know have been right on some things in the past.

Any idea what their truth:bollocks ratio is like? Anyone any link to stories they have published that are completely fabricated?

On a personal note - I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I have a vast Gamecube, Wii and DS library, have a Panasonic Q, my original Paper Mario cart and lots more. I like their games and their consoles.

And I am yet to be even remotely convinced by the 3DS. I haven't bought one, and don't intend to for the foreseeable future. Especially as I have an DSi XL, the most perfect handheld in existence.

I would welcome a rethink and a relaunch of the 3DS. Hopefully with a substantial library of games, and with the strengths of the XL, particularly the screens.
EvilDick34 said:
I don't care what 01 has leaked in the past, no way is this true at all.
They were also the site that claimed the Vita's ram was downgraded in order to achieve its price point. So they definitely aren't right all the time.


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A possibility is that this piece of info has been deliberately made up by Nintendo so they can flush out whoever's leaking their stuff.

SolidSnakex said:
They were also the site that claimed the Vita's ram was downgraded in order to achieve its price point. So they definitely aren't right all the time.
According to someone in the other thread that's actually true, but they changed it back after a dev outcry.
Sounds crazy but this french website has been on the money with the vita and the wii u. Did they also have some inside info on the 3ds that turned out to be accurate? But reading the english translation it seriously sounds made up. Who knows maybe their sources are just that good or maybe this time they've got bad info. It also reads like a more detailed Nintendo is doomed article which makes it seem different than their past "leaks" which were more technical and without the apparent message driving. If this is true though, how will Nintendo compensate those "loyal fans" who bought the 3ds only to get duped twice (price cut, then new model/handheld)? Crazy!!!
As much as I think not having a second analog nub was a mistake, adding one now seems.. odd, and unlikely.

The system does need to be redesigned however. Desperately.

And as for the name, as big a mistake that was, it won't be changed. Hopefully they learn their lesson and change the Wii U's name.
Not defending Nintendo here, if this is true it will suck big time for us early adopters, but why does every curse Nintendo/MS/Sony when this happens but camps at stores to get the new iPod/Pad with "Super Feature Turn the Volume Up with Voice" without any complaints or riots?
RiderKairuu said:
Hate to sound cliche here but this is EXACTLY why I didn't buy one at launch.

I mean, a second analog stick is a bigger upgrade than what they usually deliver but...come on. This is what Nintendo does with their portable systems. It isn't hard to believe at all. Second stick? Maybe, maybe not. Complete redesign/overhaul? Count on it.
The 3ds should be a cell phone.

Aside from this stupid opinion, i have one question: remember when we saw the 3ds in e32010 and we all (me) said "wow, that´s a buckload of 3rd party support"

What tha hell happened with that?