Rumor: Hitman HD Trilogy for PS3


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How odd that they'd include Contracts and skip Codename 47 when pretty much every other collection does the opposite. I guess they bothered to replace the music or something.
OK how many collections are left

We are going to run out soon and have to remaster PS3 Trilogies
Yo dawg, they're going to remaster all of these HD Collections after they run out of trilogies to remaster.

But seriously, I'd probably get this. Never played the Hitman games and I've heard that Blood Money is good.


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Well Nixxes Software wasn't workings on anything since Deus Ex: Human Revolution port,maybe they are the one doing these ports.


Interesting if true, I've always wanted to play one after some podcasts always go on about how awesome they are, would be great to have.

Ace Combat HD Colllection needs to happen.

But I guess it would suck.
Don't say that, it would be awesome, and so much better than the last two console games we got.
Never heard of 16games before. I think it was heavily teased before, and a collection seems an obvious choice, but source is not exactly anything to go by.


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I'm fine with this, happens to movies and albums all the time. As long as it improves each time.
I'm OK with this too, Multiple Platinums!

Just crazy every other week we get a new collection coming

Soon we'll be listing games that don't have a collection rather than need a collection
Odd. I thought there was an issue with a song in Contracts, which is why they've never been able to include it in the Steam Hitman Collection. If they've replaced the song in question, then they better bring that shit to Steam.


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Wonder if this means if the Eidos/SE/IO has taken care of the licensing problems with Hitman 3 on PC. I forget if it was they could only sell it in the Hitman Trilogy, or they only had the rights to sell physical copies.
Every modern PC should be able to play the original games in 1080p without any trouble, even Blood Money. I really like HD-collections of games like Ico & Shadow of the Colossus and God of War, but paying 40 bucks for this is a bit stupid if you ask me when the same bundle is like 5 on the PC. And I'm not even talking about the Steam-version when it's on sale.

But let's wait and see if this is any good, maybe they'll change some things for the better. Not really expecting it to be more than a cash-in for Absolution though.