Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming to Wii U?

I assumed this would happen from the very beginning. I might get a wii u if this is true. It will literally be my monster hunter netflix machine and nothing else. Hope it's cross platform multiplayer, that would be sweet.
Given that it's a big white banner with only two graphics on it, a misprint is the least likely. And I'm not sure why anybody would bother to fake something that seems like a no-brainer already.
I feel like this is fake, mostly because nothing else is happening right now besides TGS and it's called 4G there as far as I know.

Maybe this is from the recent GameStop thing?
Oh man a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Wii U seems like kind of a mega surprise to keep quiet about.

I enjoyed MH3U on the Wii U, I just hate the underwater portions. Now if this game comes on console, It would be my definitive Monster Hunter experience, without the crappy underwater fighting.