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Rumour: PS4 Slim leaked ?


Jan 20, 2013
I still own a 60gb PS3 phat and the subsequent slim, I liked both in the day with the slim being a far more efficient machine however I count it as a nice looking console. This slim looks fugly in comparison, the standard ps4 looks so much better. What were Sony thinking?

That they'd like to make the Neo look like a PS4 and don't want two new products on shelves that look identical?


Jan 15, 2014
A recent indie PS+ title did the same, despite it being a simple car racing game. Interestingly, they remedied the issue in a subsequent patch. It no longer puts the game into jet-engine mode. I thought they mentioned it in the patch notes, but I can't find it.

Rocket League? I believe the menu-screen had an uncapped framerate; hence having the PS4 going into overdrive.