Rumour: PS4 Slim leaked ?

more pictures with original PS4

thanks Venom Fox



From Aamarmo

Link to the tweet

So, fake or real ?

Edit: pics added


I am definitely expecting a new version of ps4 that has uhd capabilities alongside neo version so this is very possible. 299 for this and 399-449 for neo


Looks ugly trying to retain the dual slab. I was hoping it would just be like one layer big from the current design.


Looks fake to me. Pretty lame redesign, I highly doubt Sony would redesign it to look the exact same as before?

Here 's the kicker.. shouldn't it say PS4 Slim on the box? Fake as fuck,
The PS4 and DS4 look oddly aligned with that first photo, as if someone was trying to align it and fit it in there.

At least, that's the way it looks. Maybe it's how the photo was taken, but to me it looks shopped and is probably fake.

Functionality-wise, it looks like that'd be terrible to use. Powering it on, replacing the HDD. Sounds more like it'd be a hassle compared to the OG PS4 which is not something you usually do when you make a hardware revision.

Venom Fox

Even though it's likely fake, wasn't there rumours about the slim or Neo having the PS logo centre of the console like these pics.


Kinda looks real to me, the lighting on the second image is consistent with the room's lightning.
Age system is consistent as well with that of a bare PS4 model, UK rating and all.

If it's fake then it's well done...
Hope it's fake, because that sucker's ugly.

It's also small enough compared to that DS4 that I can't imagine them fitting a disc drive, hard drive and cooling solution in there.


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I'm taking a wait-&-see stance on this one. If true, I'd assume that this would be the entry model for the PS4, while the Neo/PS4K acts as the premium version.
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